The third-generation Range Rover Sport will arrive in Australia in the fourth quarter of 2022. The range will initially comprise a range of mild-hybrid six-cylinder diesels plus the new six-cylinder P510e plug-in hybrid. A new flagship 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 will be available to order later in 2022 by way of what Range Rover describes as an “exclusive online sales event”. Most engines are 3.0-litre in-line units. The lowest-emission powertrain is a plug-in hybrid. This mates an Ingenium 3.0-litre in-line-six petrol engine with a 105kW electric motor and a 38.2kWh battery…. Read more


The ES300 is one of just two sedans that Lexus continues to sell. A four-door sedan, it’s based on the same platform as the Toyota Camry, but you’d never know. This one has a hybrid under the bonnet. It comes with power-operated everything and a back seat that would make Emirates first class proud. STYLING Think sporty but with chrome bits. Lexus expects 85 per cent of customers will opt for the hybrid. Leather-accented upholstery, bamboo trim inlays, tri-zone climate control with Nanoe X, heated steering wheel, power adjust steering,… Read more


Bentley has announced an even larger version of its Bentayga mid-sized SUV – the Extended Wheelbase Azure with a very spacious cabin. Exclusive features and future-focused technology deliver wellbeing for driver and passengers alike. Behind the Power Close rear doors, a new diamond quilting design can be seen thanks to light coming through the large sunroof. Mood lighting can also be switched on providing an atmosphere for work or relaxation. The choice to create a calm ambience is at your fingertips with subtle waterfall lighting, while the Bentley Diamond Illumination… Read more


Mitsubishi Outlander is larger than average for its SUV class and can be ordered with five or seven seats. It’s been on sale Downunder since February 2003, in this Checkout we will cover models from January 2012 as these are noticeably more refined than earlier ones. On-road the Mitsubishi Outlander is capable and generally quiet and comfortable to ride in. Some owners complain about the amount of tyre noise on coarse-chip roads, others say they don’t really notice it. Styling was conservative in these 2012 Outlanders, that is until the… Read more


Subaru WRX, often tagged as the “Rex” is high-performance machine that’s been a longtime favourite with Australian drivers since it first arrived Downunder in 1994. The latest model is offered as a sedan and station wagon. It comes in four variants: base, RS, GT and tS, and two engine/transmission combinations. Our test car was the GT Sportwagon and we thoroughly enjoyed our week’s road test as it operates in all conditions in the country or the city with not only stunning performance but quite good comfort that makes it suited… Read more


It has been said that the Citroen BX, first released at the 1982 Paris Motor Show, was the car that revived Citroen’s future. Citroen had been owned by the Michelin Tyre group since the early 1930s when Citroen had financial problems and in the mid-1970s the world oil crisis hit the car and component manufacturing industry heavily. As Citroen had spent heavily on new model development and production facility expansion they were very exposed to the downturn and once again drastic action was necessary. Between 1974 and 1976 financial restructuring… Read more


Compass is the baby of the Jeep family and looks like a downsized-version of Grand Cherokee. Introduced in 2007, Compass and sibling the Patriot, a reskinned, rebadged version of the car, were the first of Jeep’s softer crossover offerings. Compass was rounder, cuddlier and generally more citified twin, while the Patriot which was dropped in 2016 was a bit squarer and more macho. Survivor Compass continues to fly the flag for the iconic American brand, targeted at first time buyers and those whose driving is confined mainly to paved roads…. Read more

2022 BMW 430i GRAN COUPE

The BMW 430i Gran Coupe is a fascinating mix of pure-bred sports car and family hatchback. It’s capable of carrying five people, though see the Driving section of this review for comments on that, and is low enough to look sleek. It certainly grabbed the attention of people who saw it on the road during our test period. Either when we were on the road or in carparks. STYLING Gran Coupe has the sometimes-criticised very-large front grille, but in the 4 Series the sheer size of the car means the… Read more


The new Mercedes GLC small SUV is designed for hybrid drive. The engine range has four-cylinder petrol and diesel units combined with an electric motor. Four of these are mild-hybrid units with a second-generation integrated starter-generator. Three other engine variants are plug-in hybrid units with a system output of up to 245 kW and a system torque of up to 750 Nm. All the plug-in hybrids have an electric range of more than 100 kilometres. Noticeably more electric driving experience: thanks to the electric range, day-to-day distances can usually be… Read more

BMW 3 SERIES 2012 – 2021

The BMW 3 Series is an upmarket small-medium German car. The sixth generation, launched in Australia in February 2012, is noticeably larger than the models it superseded and we start with it in this Checkout. This is very much a driver’s car as rear-wheel drive gives you throttle control that’s lovely to play with. The neutral feel through the steering is arguably the best feature of all BMWs. BMW 3 Series sold as a four-door sedan, five-door hatch and five-door wagon. The latter is named the Gran Tourismo or GT…. Read more