Mazda Motor Corporation has announced its commitment to making its worldwide factories carbon neutral by 2035 and its entire supply chain carbon neutral by 2050. Mazda sees it as the core responsibility of any automotive manufacturer to do their part in curbing global warming by reducing CO2 emissions in every process of vehicle production, including manufacturing, transport, vehicle usage, recycling, etc. Consequently, Mazda has been actively engaged in carbon neutral initiatives. To achieve carbon neutrality in Mazda factories around the globe by 2035, they plan to work closely with its… Read more


Mazda has given a gee-up to its big CX-9 sports utility vehicle by adding a GT SP model to the range. And the maker has taken nothing from its premium aspirations with the move. For example, the exterior now includes a gunmetal grey grille design and black mirror caps, with 20-inch alloy wheels completing the picture. Inside, additions include black panel d├ęcor, red stitching on the steering wheel, door trims, centre console and armrests, plus classy burgundy leather upholstery for its seven seats. The CX-9 newbie, at $63,590, plus on-roads,… Read more

MAZDA3 2009 – 2021

Mazda3 first went on sale in Australia in April 2004, replacing the Mazda 323. A second generation was launched here in April 2009. We will begin our used car Checkout with that model as it’s significantly larger and more sophisticated than its honourable ancestors. Sales were strong from the start and the gen-two was frequently at or close to the top in the overall sales race as buyers moved away from larger cars. This means that there are plenty on offer in the used car scene. Take your time, do… Read more


Utes have taken the Australian market by storm, with three of the top 10 selling vehicles now dual-cab utilities. Unfortunately for Mazda the BT-50 is not one of them, although in an embarrassing twist the donor Isuzu D-Max is – and therein lies the problem. Enter stage left the bigger, bolder and blacker BT-50 Thunder, a special edition designed right here, with parts manufactured here and available to buy only here. Thunder is geared with one object in mind, to attract attention — and hopefully dollars. Based on the $56,990… Read more


For the 2022 season the popular Mazda CX-5 has a facelift and improved comfort. Mazda Australia Managing Director, Vinesh Bhindi, said “Versatility is synonymous with Mazda CX-5, and this update bolsters that quality; more uniquely defined grades grow the potential for customers to find their perfect fit within the range, selecting the vehicle that best suits their style and lifestyle”. “It’s a significant update for Mazda CX-5, which remains an Aussie favourite and a mainstay in the Mazda line-up, soon to be joined by the first of Mazda’s new-generation large… Read more


We were supposed to get the Mazda MX-30 Electric a few weeks ago, but someone forgot to charge it. The plan was to drive from Sydney’s Alexandria to Cameron Park near Newcastle, a distance of about 160km. The MX-30 has a claimed fully-charged range of 224km, so it was eminently doable – or so we thought. Just in case, we had identified the location of some fast, commercial DC chargers along the route. Priced from $65,490, Mazda MX-30 Electric is the latest in a growing selection of electric vehicles (EVs)… Read more

MAZDA6 2008 – 2020

Mazda6 was launched in Australia in August 2002, it began as a midsize car but, as is often the way, it increased in size with new models. It has a refined look to appeal to the relatively conservative buyers in this class. Road testers at the time complimented it for its smoothness and quietness saying, “it could have come from a price group of larger more expensive cars.” In this used car checkout we will begin with the second generation which arrived here in February 2008. It came with a… Read more


For ute watchers, Mazda’s BT-50 has more in common with the Isuzu D-Max than it does the Ford Ranger these days. After they parted ways, Mazda did a deal with Isuzu while Volkswagen went looking for something to turn into the next Amarok. For its part Mazda reportedly had little input into the design process and as a result BT-50 is simply a re-skinned version of D-Max, although that’s probably a little harsh. To put this in perspective, Isuzu has enjoyed meteoric success with the latest D-Max, which has stormed… Read more


Mazda is currently the second largest car retailer in Australia. But it’s interesting to note, not one of its models finished in the top 10 sales list last month. That may or may not be a good thing, as it means the company does not have all its eggs in the one proverbial basket. On the other hand, the mid-sized CX-5 has been the biggest selling SUV in Australia on many occasions, which begs the question — has it fallen out of favour? Released in 2021 the CX-5 GT SP… Read more


MX-30 EV is the first ever pure electric vehicle from Mazda. Launched here in April 2021 it’s a compact SUV, and joins the MX-30 MHEV mild-hybrid petrol/electric variant. The name is a bit confusing given that previous cars with the MX prefix have been sporty coupes or convertibles, most notably the iconic MX-5 but when you look at the MX-30’s sleek profile it does start to make sense. While the MX-30 MHEV comes in three variants, Evolve, Touring and Astina priced from $33,990 to $40,990, the EV is only available… Read more