‘Muscle cars’ of the late 1960s were probably introduced mainly for the spectacle of drag racing, which had become extremely popular in the United States at that time. Plymouth was always one of the leading exponents of the ‘muscle car’ and a lot of this was based around an engine – the astounding 426-111 Super Stock Hemi. This 90-degree V8 achieved much success for Plymouth and was the supreme drag-race powerplant, acquiring a legendary reputation. The Hemi engine was born out of the need for top racing performance. Once the… Read more


1970 Plymouth Barracuda

The Plymouth Barracuda was first released in 1965 in response to the Ford Motor Company’s successful launch of the Mustang. This Ford completely rewrote the sales records of that time following its April 1964 launch. When the Mustang was released it became known as a ‘pony car’, a term which was used to describe new style sporty compact vehicles. Chrysler’s response was very quick but it was fortunate in having a suitable car, the Valiant, on which to base the new Barracuda. With some quick modifications to Valiant tooling Chrysler… Read more