DODGE JOURNEY 2008 – 2017

Despite looking like a macho SUV, perhaps even a full-on 4WD, the Dodge Journey is actually a sensible people. The Journey’s interior is very versatile; the second-row seats three and can slide back and forward to let you juggle legroom with those in the rearmost seats. Entry and egress to the third-row seats isn’t too bad, but as is usually the case those seats are better suited to the kids as suppleness is required. Also check the foot-room in rear if larger littlies are going to be back there. The… Read more

CHRYSLER 300C 2005 – 2020

Big, bold and uncompromisingly different, the Chrysler 300C arrived in Australia from the US of A in November 2005. From its huge egg-crate grille flanked by twin round headlights, over the almost chop-top look of the roof, to the very square boot, this Chrysler stands out from all other family cars. That’s right! ‘family cars’ because that’s what the 300C is – a spacious, practical four-door sedan and station wagon with good cabin space and a huge boot. It was aimed at making being a competitor in the Commodore versus… Read more

NISSAN ALTIMA 2013 – 2017

Nissan Altima has been on sale in Australia since November 2013 and competed in the midsize sedan field. Leading the sales race was the Toyota Camry, with Ford Mondeo, Mazda6, Subaru Liberty and VW Passat also in the mix. Styling is a strong point of the Altima and it takes its own route, with wide horizontal chrome dominating the grille and a large badge in the centre. Indeed, it was a leader in style department as just about everyone else has taken up the big-grille look in in the years… Read more

TOYOTA KLUGER 2007 – 2021

  CAPTION: A.   B.  C. 2018 Toyota Kluger   Toyota Kluger isn’t a serious off-road vehicle designed to conquer the great  Australian outback. Rather it’s aimed at those looking for a medium to large station  wagon to carry the family.    However, it does have a moderate off-road ability in some models. It’s probably best  that you don’t test this ability unless you’ve got some mates in ‘proper’ 4WDs in your  convoy and there’s a snatch-um strap in the boot.   Initially Toyota Kluger was driven by all four wheels,… Read more

HONDA CITY 2009 – 2019

Honda City is a four-door sedan that shares most of its underpinnings with the Honda Jazz. However, it has a completely different body and sits on at longer wheelbase. The sedan body made the City almost as large as the five-door Honda Civic, though slightly narrower inside. Having said that, it might be worth you checking out a used Civic if you’re planning to use a Jazz as a family car. As they tend to be bought by sensible people Citys are often looked after, driven gently and serviced strictly… Read more

NISSAN MURANO 2005 – 2015

Nissan Murano SUV was ahead of its time in styling and didn’t sell as well as it deserved in this country. But time times have changed and these days many SUVs and crossovers have smoother lines that look quite swish. Murano has stretch-out room for four adults. Three grownups in the back works fine if they aren’t overly broad in the beam. Four have stretch out space. As a real bonus the flat floor at the rear seats makes life easy for the person seated in the centre. Too often… Read more


Hyundai i30 hatch has been a big seller for many years in Australia, but the i30 sedan, until 2020, was confusingly called Elantra rather than i30, is well worth consideration. The fourth generation Elantra reaches us here in August 2006. It’s the one we are concentrating on in this used car checkout. Styling at that time was unashamedly Korean, with the sort of lines that didn’t appeal to Aussies. The fifth generation Elantra, from July 2011 is more European in style. Then from February 2016 the gen-six Elantra arguably led… Read more


Genesis G80 Electrified is as its name suggests an electrified version of Genesis’ large G80 luxury sedan. But it is a conversion rather than a dedicated EV, evidenced by the blanked-out radiator grille. G80 is popular with hire car drivers because it offers plenty of splash for relatively little cash. However, with a small boot and tight rear seat the electrified version may not be quite as appealing. STYLING G80 is a big, impressive-looking car that radiates quality. It sits a shade over 5.0 metres at 5005mm, with a wheelbase… Read more

NISSAN MICRA 2007 – 2016

Nissan Micra is a stylish little city car that looks just right in the crowded cities all over the world. Mitsubishi is master at small cars and the Micra is one of the best it has ever penned. There’s pretty good interior space for a car in this class. Rear seat legroom is acceptable to most adults, but the right-rear seat space will depend on how tall the driver is. The sloping roof can cause hassles for taller passengers. It’s sold as a five-door hatch, in a market segment where… Read more

KIA SOUL 2009 – 2020

  Two very different buyers are likely to be attracted to the Kia Soul as a used car.    If you’re young and trendy you might like to get one in a bright colour with added  customisation.    If you’re a member of the sex-drugs-and-rock n’ roll generation but now have a ‘7’ in  front of your age you might like to get a Soul in a bright colour with some added  customisation!    Yep! Two different groups both looking for the same thing. Love it!   Kia Soul has… Read more