Unlike many ‘toy’ 4WDs on sale these days the Suzuki Vitara is the real deal. Popular with those who like to have fun away from the beaten track the Vitara works well on the beach, on forest trails and even in quite serious off-road conditions. Though the names ‘Grand Vitara’ and just plain ‘Vitara’ were used in different series most people simply refer to them all as Vitara. Basically, the Grand title was used on the 2005 but from the model change of 2015, it disappeared again. When an all-new… Read more


The Suzuki Vitara is a car crying out for an update. The design of the five-seat wagon dates way back to 2015, although there has been a minor facelift since then. The little car that could has been overtaken by cheaper and better equipped Chinese offerings from MG and Haval. Significant price increases haven’t helped its quest for the buyer dollar. When we tested this car in 2019, the auto kicked off from $24,490 – it’s now $28,490. The turbo was $29,990 – now $33,490. Suzuki risks pricing itself out… Read more


In a major global online event Suzuki has provided details of its latest S-Cross small SUV due to launch globally in 2022. The global release says the powertrain will use the Suzuki 1.4 litre direct injection turbo-petrol engine. It will drive through an AllGrip Select 4X4 System. It will have a 9-inch display audio with smartphone connectivity, wireless charging, and a 360-view camera to. Safety is a major feature with the S-Cross adopting Suzuki Safety Support, featuring Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning and Prevention, Weaving Alert, Blind Spot Monitor… Read more

SUZUKI ALTO 2009 – 2015

Suzuki has long been renowned for designing small cars and SUVs. The Alto is a small five-door hatchback that’s built in India by Maruti Suzuki. We’ve toured that factory and while it looks rather aged by today’s standards build quality is up there with the best in class. Altos hold their value well so if you do find one at a very low price it may have problems – or you have been really lucky to find a desperate seller. If it’s the latter there’s a good chance they haven’t… Read more


Suzuki Jimny Lite will be sold in Australia from August 2021. Performance and engine specs are unchanged to the current Jimny but it will be available in manual transmission only. The Jimny Lite will ride on standard 15-inch steel wheels, plastic textured side mirror covers, Halogen projector headlights without standard foglights are the only other notable exterior differences to the current Suzuki Jimny. The Infotainment system is rather basic. The Jimny Lite has in-dash radio / CD player and standard Bluetooth. Air conditioning is standard fitment with manually operated climate… Read more


The revamped compact Suzuki SUV / hatchback has an engaging ‘funk factor’, according to Stephen Craig, general manager, sales and marketing for Suzuki Queensland, the source of our test vehicle. “Aesthetically, it blends with the revitalised cityscapes where former warehouses and mercantile shipping buildings now are homes to trendy design-savvy professionals,” he says. “It also blends perfectly with the CBD and city fringe urban landscape from a practical point of view, where it easily slots into compromised parking spaces.” So, there you are… Anyhow, make up your own mind when… Read more


There have been many changes in the modern history of the automobile manual transmission: Starting with three on the tree, then four on the floor, followed by five, and finally today’s six. While the last mentioned is de rigueur in today’s vehicles, there is one vehicle that, for one reason or another, has taken a step back in time with a five-speed manual gearbox. The Series II Suzuki Swift gets under way with the GL 1.2 Navigator five-speed manual. With up to $2000 in added features, including advanced safety technology,… Read more


Suzuki Ignis, it’s Latin for ‘fire’, has had two lives on the Australian market. From 2000 to 2005 it was a small three- or five-door hatchback before disappearing for just over a decade and returning, in 2016, as a compact SUV. The current, Series II, version was launched in mid-2020 although it is effectively just a minor facelift rather than having any substantial changes. Suzuki is arguably the world leader in the design and construction of small vehicles and the little Suzuki Ignis is a classic example of the Japanese… Read more


Suzuki Australia has announced the launch of its popular Swift hatchback. Four variants are available: GL Navigator in manual or automatic transmissions and GL Navigator Plus and the top of the range GLX Turbo in automatic only. Advanced safety technologies have been introduced. Rear cross traffic alert is one of the most important of all safety features to our way of thinking. It uses two rear mounted side radar sensors to alert the driver of approaching vehicles on either side of the vehicle when reversing out of carpark spaces. Blind… Read more


  Suzuki has been producing small sporty cars for many years. Though the Suzuki car division is separate from the motorbike one there’s obviously trading of design and engineering ideas between the two, resulting in cars and bikes that are more than mere transport. In fact we’ve spent many fun times fanging Suzuki cars around the company’s race circuit in Japan over the years. While it’s set up for testing and tuning racing bikes it gave us a solid insight into Suzuki’s way of thinking in all its products. Unfortunately… Read more