2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Unlike many ‘toy’ 4WDs in the so-called SUV class, the Suzuki Vitara is the real deal. Popular with those who like to have fun away from the beaten track, the Vitara works well on the beach, on forest trails and even in reasonably serious off-road conditions. Though the names ‘Grand Vitara’ and just plain ‘Vitara’ were used in different series most people simply refer to them all as Vitara. Basically, the Grand title was used on the 2005 models being reviewed here, but from the model change of 2015, it… Read more


A little over 30 years ago Australia was showing off to the world with Expo 88 in Brisbane, around the same time Suzuki had the first Vitara small sports utility vehicle breaking cover. Now it is the turn of the Vitara Series II to carry the banner. Since, the Vitara, with a grandiose detour to the name of Grand Vitara, has been a mainstay of the Japanese company’s offerings to the automotive world. Now it is the turn of the Vitara Series II to carry the banner. With diesel fast… Read more


Suzuki Jimny is quite simply the most talked about vehicle on the planet. Forget the multi-million-dollar, ridiculously-overpowered vehicles just unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the cute-as-a-button Suzuki is the one that is dominating car-nut conversations everywhere. Since the first photos of the Jimny were released Suzuki dealers have been bombarded with enquires from potential buyers, some dangling cash in front of them as they walk into showrooms worldwide. In our home state of Queensland you might just get one before Christmas, but don’t hesitate… Suzuki Jimny simply has no… Read more


We can’t remember the last time a new vehicle has had such a dream run as the Suzuki Jimny. Since the first pictures of the chunky looking new model were released midway through 2018 Suzuki dealers have been bombarded with enquires from potential buyers. Showing they are serious many have put down deposits, with a global waiting list of about two to three months. The Suzuki people in Queensland people won’t reveal their figures, but the smiles on their faces are a giveaway. Even better for Suzuki, the Jimny literally… Read more


The Suzuki Vitara has this year celebrated its 30th anniversary since the model’s global introduction in 1988. The small-medium Suzuki SUV crossover has been a huge success, with more than 3.65 million sales in 191 countries and territories around the world. In light of this, a 30th anniversary Vitara 30th Year Anniversary Edition is due to arrive in Australia from October 2018. Only 350 units available. Based on the Vitara RT-S model, the anniversary edition has stylish chrome daytime running light (DRL) surrounds, chrome door guards front and rear, and… Read more


Hot-car lovers on a limited budget will just love the new Suzuki Swift Sport Turbo, the subject of this week’s road test. With a price tag of just $25,490 for the six-speed manual, and $27,490 for a six-speed auto, you get a lot of bang for your bucks To add to the sporty feel of the hot little Suzy we had it during the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. The 11-day period meant our bright yellow machine felt right at home, being eager, exciting and enjoyable for every minute. Best of… Read more


Small car master, Suzuki knows a thing or two about building hot machines at modest prices. We won’t get into talking about Suzuki motorcycles here, we’ll leave that for our bike guys Peter Thoeming and Stuart Woodbury. What we are reporting on is the latest version of a car that first delighted hot-car lovers on a limited budget – the Suzuki Swift GTi – over thirty years back. In recent generations it has been given the title of Swift Sport Turbo. The term ‘pocket rocket’ has been used many times… Read more

SUZUKI ALTO 2009 – 2015

2009 Suzuki Alto

The very Japanese Suzuki has long been renowned for designing small cars and SUVs (and motorbikes, but that’s another story.) The Alto, is aimed at the budget end of the market, with prices beginning at around $14,000 on the road when brand new. The Alto is made in India by Maruti Suzuki. We’ve toured that factory and while it looks rather aged by today’s standards build quality is up there with the best in class. Australias’ motoring clubs: RACQ, RACV, NRMA, RAA and RACT, have often named the little Suzuki… Read more


Swift by name; swift by nature. In automotive terms, it has taken just 12 years and five million sales worldwide for the Suzuki Swift to become something of an icon in the light-car segment. From the road up, the development team went to work, introducing a new-generation platform and engineering a completely new chassis, body structure and powertrain. The new Swift comes to Australia in four variants, with the entry-level Swift GL 1.2 manual selling for $16,990 driveaway, adding a CVT for $1000, a Safety Pack for a further $1200,… Read more

SUZUKI SX4 2007 – 2013

2013 Suzuki SX4

Though relatively small in Australia Suzuki is a major player in the small vehicle market globally. It is best known Downunder for 4WDs and SUVs but also makes cars and wagons. This week’s used car feature, the Suzuki SX4 is part hatchback and part station wagon. Some models have all-wheel-drive so can venture off-road and onto beaches. But don’t attempt too much or you might have to wait for a Suzuki Jimny, Suzuki Vitara or even an old Suzuki Sierra, to happen along and tow you out. Ride comfort in… Read more