The Morris Oxford Series II was powered by a 1489 cc four-cylinder BMC overhead-valve engine which developed approximately 37 kW. It had a three-bearing crankshaft with a renewable element external oil filter. Whilst the manufacturer rated the performance as exciting – with power, flexibility and astonishing fuel economy when it was released as a medium sized sedan – compared with today’s baby cars it was a very poor performer. One of its best attributes was the body, especially the wide door openings that gave direct access to the seats. Efficient… Read more


1933 Morris 10

In the early stages of the motor manufacturing industry all automobile manufacturers were basically chassis manufacturers with car bodies being added by several selected body works. However by the 1930s some manufacturers commenced building cars without a chassis. These were described as being built by unitary construction. One such car was the Morris Ten Series M which was first released in 1938. It was a completely new car in the Morris Ten Series range which started out in 1933 as the Morris Ten, a medium sized car. Variants of this… Read more