Effectively an upmarket version of the Toyota LandCruiser, the Lexus LX large premium SUV has been around since the mid-1990s. The latest (fourth generation) LX arrived here at the end of 2021 shortly after the new LC300. It comes with petrol or diesel power, four equipment variants, three seating options and a host of new safety and tech features. The four variants are base LX, Sports Luxury, F Sport, and Ultra Luxury. The first three are available with either petrol or diesel engines, the Ultra Luxury is petrol only. Prices… Read more


The ES300 is one of just two sedans that Lexus continues to sell. A four-door sedan, it’s based on the same platform as the Toyota Camry, but you’d never know. This one has a hybrid under the bonnet. It comes with power-operated everything and a back seat that would make Emirates first class proud. STYLING Think sporty but with chrome bits. Lexus expects 85 per cent of customers will opt for the hybrid. Leather-accented upholstery, bamboo trim inlays, tri-zone climate control with Nanoe X, heated steering wheel, power adjust steering,… Read more


At a recent global launch Lexus has unveiled its latest (fifth generation) version of its popular RX mid-sized SUV. It continues the upgrade of the Lexus SUV fleet following on from the release of new NX and LX models previously in 2022. The RX has been sold in Australia for nearly two decades, having arrived here in 2003 as one of the first of what was a new genre – luxury SUVs. Since then, over 3.5 million units have been sold worldwide including more than 40,000 locally. Effectively an all-new… Read more


It’s been a couple of years since we last drove the Lexus UX, a compact SUV in name that sits not much higher than the hatch it replaces. It all looks and feels very familiar which suggests not much has changed in that time, but let’s find out. Hang on, that’s right – there’s now a fully-electric version (but it’s not the one we’re driving here). STYLING Launched here in 2019, the front of the SUV is dominated by what Lexus calls its prominent ‘spindle’ grille. At the rear the… Read more


The Lexus UX 200 Luxury’s driving efficiency now includes an engine stop / start system. It has the latest-generation 12.3-inch HD touchscreen display replacing the previous 10.3- inch version. The touchscreen display offers operation for satellite navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and other useful vehicle functions. DAB+ digital radio is now standard on the UX 200 Luxury which also now has 10 speakers, two more than previous. The updated UX 200 has the “Hey Lexus” voice recognition function which can be activated by pressing the talk button on the… Read more


The next generation version of Lexus’s flagship LX large SUV has arrived in Australia. It comes with new powertrains, advanced technologies and offers the largest choice of variants to date. The two new Lexus engines, twin-turbocharged petrol LX 600 and diesel LX 500d V6 are smaller in capacity than the model’s previous naturally aspirated V8s, yet deliver significantly more power, higher torque and lower fuel consumption. The Lexus LX debuts F Sport and range-topping Ultra Luxury grade. It has seating for four, five or seven, depending on the grade. The… Read more


Pure electric vehicles are still relatively rare in Australia but the Japanese company is keen to see a rapidly increasing number. The Lexus UX300e Luxury and the Sports Luxury are sold in this country our test car was the Luxury. The UX300e we tested rides on 17-inch aerodynamic alloy wheels which are exclusive to this model and improve the way they run through the air to reduce drag and trim ‘fuel’ consumption. It has automatic LED headlights that we found provided excellent night time vision during our road test period…. Read more


Lexus is an upmarket Japanese car company that competes with the big-name Germans and Brits in many different models. It’s not completely successful in this lofty ambition so relies on very high levels of quality materials inside and out. While Lexus may not have had great success in getting into the minds of the public, in the prestige field it’s very well regarding in engineering. The little ‘h’ tells us it’s a hybrid. Lexus and its parent company Toyota are past masters at petrol-electric hybrids, with a history stretching back… Read more


Australian specifications for the new Lexus LX flagship SUV which arrives in April, 2022 are here. It will have human-centred Tazuna cockpit concept with dual centre screens, “Hey Lexus!” natural speech recognition. A BladeScan adaptive high-beam system, and a 25-speaker Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound System. Available on selected grades is Lexus-debut fingerprint identification for engine start. The ownership experience features a three-year membership to the leading Lexus Encore Platinum owner benefits program. There’s Lexus on Demand, where members can borrow another Lexus to suit their needs or when travelling… Read more

LEXUS ES 2013 – 2020

Late in 2013 a new generation Lexus ES was built on its own unique platform, previous models shared some underpinnings with Toyota models. Frontal styling was distinctly Lexus with its aggressive arrow-head spindle grille. The smooth, near silent ride and high-quality finish that had really impressed people since the earliest days of the Lexus LS400 was continued in the ES line. Perhaps it wasn’t quite as supremely smooth as its big brother, but the ES cost considerably less so has appealed to many. Thus, there are now quite a few… Read more