Subaru WRX, often tagged as the “Rex” is high-performance machine that’s been a longtime favourite with Australian drivers since it first arrived Downunder in 1994. The latest model is offered as a sedan and station wagon. It comes in four variants: base, RS, GT and tS, and two engine/transmission combinations. Our test car was the GT Sportwagon and we thoroughly enjoyed our week’s road test as it operates in all conditions in the country or the city with not only stunning performance but quite good comfort that makes it suited… Read more


Subaru will introduce its first electric vehicle to the Australian market with the Solterra SUV due to arrive here in 2023. The all-new Subaru Solterra will have symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, active safety technology, adventure capabilities and durable, reliable engineering – to an all-electric vehicle. Built on the e-Subaru Global Platform, a new all-electric vehicle architecture, the Solterra is designed to provide an electric offering without compromising on the brand’s distinctive features and abilities, delivering a vehicle that existing customers can feel is truly a Subaru. Blair Read, Managing Director Subaru… Read more


Subaru Forester was first sold in Australia in 1997 as a smallish station wagon, before growing in size to became an SUV. It has reasonable ground clearance that’s okay for moderate off-road driving in the bush. You will also see some on the beach, though it’s best not to take it onto soft sand. In this Used Car Checkout we cover the Subaru Forester from February 2008 with the introduction of the third generation. The fourth Forester generation arrived in February 2013. This time the shape was more serious SUV… Read more


  In a time when gas-guzzling pickup trucks and SUVs are dominating sales in Australia it’s great to see that Subaru has introduced the next generation of its neat little BRZ coupe. And it’s a proper sports machines in that it’s driven by the rear wheels, not the front. More about that in a moment.   STYLING The original design was very successful so Subaru has been smart in sticking to a similar shape. But it’s not just about looks, the new model not only looks great but is also… Read more


Subaru Forester was one of the trailblazers in the SUV market when it was launched here in 1997. Starting as a relatively conservative station wagon, it evolved over the years into a stylish mid-sized vehicle. Through the generations Forester has been a consistently high seller despite the growing number of competitors in what is now Australia’s most competitive market segment. The latest MY2022 Forester arrived here in August 2021 with a moderate facelift, some chassis tweaks and a tech upgrade. Seven variants are available including two with mild hybrid power…. Read more


With Liberty’s departure, Outback is now flagship of the Subaru range — but not the most expensive. That dubious honour goes to the hard-edged, high-performance version of the WRX sporty — the STI spec.R. But I know which one I’d rather have. My wife reckons the latest Outback is a corker too. About the only thing missing is a third row of seats. In fact, there’s no seven-seater in the entire Subaru range which is a bit strange — not since the Tribeca people mover in 2013. We drove the… Read more


Subaru Corporation has given us details of the new full-electric Subaru Solterra. Named by combining the Latin words for “Sun” and “Earth” it will be built on the e-Subaru Global Platform, a new all-electric vehicle architecture. It has been jointly developed by Subaru and Toyota on a BEV-dedicated platform. Subaru has made a commitment to apply electrification technologies to all Subaru vehicles sold worldwide by the first half of the 2030s and has announced it plans to continually develop and deliver products that meet societal needs and contribute to the… Read more


Complementing the launch of the all-new Subaru WRX sedan, Subaru Australia has announced that a WRX Sportswagon will also arrive on Australian shores in second quarter of 2022. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, the WRX Sportswagon combines the turbocharged performance of the sedan with a touch of sophistication and an abundance of practicality. The WRX Sportswagon will be a model in its own right, with both the sedan and Sportswagon featuring specification tailored to their respective audiences. Blair Read, the General Manager of Subaru Australia, said: “The WRX is a… Read more


Subaru has provided initial information on its second generation BRZ sportscar, with more to follow closer to its estimated launch in Australia December. Built in Subaru’s factory in Japan the BRZ will be priced from $38,990 Manufacturer’s List Price. Two variants will be available, BRZ Coupe and BRZ Coupe S. Both with the choice of six-speed manual or six-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission. Power will come from Subaru’s new design naturally-aspirated 2.4-litre direct and port injection four-cylinder horizontally-opposed Boxer engine. Subaru BRZ for the first time offers a suite of Vision… Read more


Subaru Forester is getting a mid-life makeover for 2022. It has a revised headlight, foglight, front bumper and grille treatment as well as numerous technology and suspension upgrades. Retuned front suspension coil springs and dampers improve ride comfort, steering responsiveness and handling. New aluminium engine mount bracket reduces vibrations and noise. Foresters with the Driver Monitoring System gain gesture-controlled temperature adjustment for the air-conditioning, a new feature for Subaru that enables drivers to adjust the temperature via a simple hand gesture. In all models other than the Forester 2.5i, Adaptive… Read more