Subaru WRX, often tagged as the “Rex” is high-performance machine that’s been a longtime favourite with Australian drivers since it first arrived Downunder in 1994. The latest model is offered as a sedan and station wagon. It comes in four variants: base, RS, GT and tS, and two engine/transmission combinations. Our test car was the GT Sportwagon and we thoroughly enjoyed our week’s road test as it operates in all conditions in the country or the city with not only stunning performance but quite good comfort that makes it suited… Read more


More muscle, the Subaru Forester XT delivers a high level of performance with looks to match

From pirate treasure map to automobile designation, the letter ‘X’ marks the spot of something excitingly special. This is never truer than with the Forester XT, Subaru’s new high-performance mid-size SUV. A best-seller since pioneering the high-performance SUV class in 1997, the latest Forester XT shows off an array of new features, technology and styling to stir Forester fans new and old. At first, I had my doubts about the XT – a 2.0-litre petrol engine, albeit turbocharged, mated with a continuously variable transmission. Not the recipe for sprightly performance… Read more