‘Haven’t we met somewhere before’ sprung to mind on my first encounter with the Subaru Crosstrek, for there is a lot in common here with the company’s XV sport utility vehicle? In fact, says Subaru, the newly named compact is the latest iteration of the popular XV, including two petrol / electric hybrid models, aimed at anyone who wants a versatile, reliable, and stylish small SUV. Priced from $34,990, the all-wheel drive Crosstrek comes in five variants – AWD 2.0L, AWD 2.0R, AWD 2.0S, AWD Hybrid L and AWD Hybrid… Read more


In the process of researching this story I came across a review by one of my esteemed colleagues. Not once did he mention the fact that Nissan X-Trail and Mitsubishi Outlander are one in the same car, sharing a platform and drivetrains. That makes Outlander, the X-Trail’s most direct competitor, or so I would have thought. Of course, they don’t look the same and there are plenty of other differences, but you wouldn’t buy one without checking out the other first. Then again, the latest X-Trail is probably the pick… Read more