Before discussing the Camry Hybrid, it should be pointed out that you can’t actually buy one right now. With a two-year waiting list due to production delays, Toyota Australia has been forced to “pause” orders for Camry hybrid variants due to extraordinary demand. A new ninth generation Camry was unveiled in the United States in November, so it will be interesting to see how Toyota plays this one. At some point it will have to switch from production of the current model to the new one. Toyota reveals 90 per… Read more


Hyundai has taken the wraps off a new i30 Sedan N marking the eighth anniversary of its high-performance brand. The new Sedan N boasts upgraded technological capabilities transferred from motorsport competition, to offer improved balance under high-performance conditions. With enhanced safety and comfort, it’s designed to deliver an emotionally engaging driving experience based on the three pillars of N vehicle development – Corner Rascal, Racetrack Capability and Everyday Sportscar. Ride and handling enhancements include a reinforced engine mount membrane for reduced after shake and improved agility, G-bushing reinforcement for improved… Read more

KIA CERATO 2013 – 2021

  Kia Cerato is a small-medium South Korean car that’s becoming ever more popular in  Australia.    This has been partly due to the stunningly long seven-year warranty, but the car itself  has been significantly improved since the first models arrived here in 2004.   Kia’s seven-year unlimited distance warranty is proving a masterstroke in that it is  attracting new buyers who may have had any lingering doubts about the quality and  reliability of Korean cars.   Originally, Cerato was rather plain it is shape but the third generation, launched… Read more


Audi is an upmarket German marque that offers a wide range of vehicles in various classes – sedans, hatchbacks, coupes and station wagons (Sportback in Audi speak). Audis come in standard (A) and high-performance (S and RS) variants. Our road test vehicle over the last week has been an Audi RS 3 35TFSI sedan. It is aimed at people that want the advantage of a quiet interior but with plenty of get-up-and-go – more about the latter in the Driving section of this review. STYLING A blacked-out front end runs… Read more


Audi is an upmarket German marque that produces a wide range of vehicles in many different body types and sizes. The ‘3’ is the smallest in dimensions and the Audi S3 is the sportier version of the A3. It’s aimed at those who are looking for more prestige than they would get from a Volkswagen Golf, though the Audi does share quite a few out of sight – and some not-quite out of sight – parts of its slightly more mundane brother. STYLING The exterior of has been updated for… Read more