Hyundai has taken the wraps off a new i30 Sedan N marking the eighth anniversary of its
high-performance brand.

The new Sedan N boasts upgraded technological capabilities transferred from motorsport
competition, to offer improved balance under high-performance conditions.

With enhanced safety and comfort, it’s designed to deliver an emotionally engaging driving
experience based on the three pillars of N vehicle development – Corner Rascal,
Racetrack Capability and Everyday Sportscar.

Ride and handling enhancements include a reinforced engine mount membrane for
reduced after shake and improved agility, G-bushing reinforcement for improved yaw
response and steering precision and a new rear suspension S/ABS insulator changed
from rubber to urethane on rear support for improved damping and yaw response.

Electronic Controlled Suspension (ECS) hardware has been improved for enhanced body
control and optimised software for the hardware change.

Steering benefits from an improved gearbox yoke specification for better steering feedback
and direct feeling.

A low-friction universal joint is used to increase steering precision.

The motor-driven power steering software has been optimised according to new chassis
and steering changes.

Tyre pressure has been boosted to 36 front and 34 psi rear, to compensate for front axle
load increase while maintaining front to rear ride and handling balance.

For maximum cooling of the radiator surface, a duct-style air guard guides air flow to
maximise speed, improve aerodynamics, fuel efficiency and cooling ability in extreme

A wing-type spoiler improves aerodynamics for maximum speed and faster corner exits.

The new model’s front bumper air guide, derived from motorsports, improves braking
performance by allowing air to flow directly towards the brakes.

Braking is further enhanced with upgraded Electronic Stability Control (ESC) software and
the addition of a thermal protector on the front brake hose for increased endurance.

i30 Sedan N’s software has been reprogrammed for optimal use of high-octane petrol to
improve performance, an enhancement derived from the voices of enthusiasts, whom
Hyundai N has frequently communicated with at events, such as track days and N

The new i30 Sedan N’s 2.0T GDi engine was especially developed for N models, with
206kW of power and 392Nm of torque.

It is paired with 6-speed manual or 8-speed DCT transmission, with a top speed of

Hyundai has released an i30 Sedan N performance film featuring actual vehicles owned
by N enthusiasts.

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