PEUGEOT 2008 2013 – 2022

  Peugeot 2008 is a small crossover SUV based on the Peugeot 208 hatchback. It arrived in  Australia in 2013 and offered an interesting alternative to vehicles that chiefly came from  Asian countries.    It is relatively conservative in its style, unlike that of what is probably its closest competitor,  the Renault Captur which, of course, is also from France.    Interior space is good for a wagon of this size, though it’s better suited to couples with pre- teen children rather than four adults. Changes to the seat design… Read more

AUDI A3 2008 – 2021

  German automaker Audi is often ahead of the pack when it comes to new ideas. In Europe  the Audi A3 is often used as a family car, but in Australia it’s more likely to be bought by  singles or couples.   The A3 created quite a commotion when it was first released in the small car market way  back in 1997. Some felt prestige cars should be large, imposing and expensive – certainly  not small and relatively affordable. They were wrong and Audi has since been joined by  other… Read more

HOLDEN BARINA 2011 – 2018

Holden Barina is a small car that has been around in Australia in one form or another since 1985. Interestingly its name is a local Aussie one, being aboriginal for Summit. A virtually all-new Barina was introduced in October 2011. We are covering it in this week’s Used Car Checkout because it’s much more sophisticated than the previous ones. It has electronically stability program, as well as infotainment technology that included GM’s MyLink system. A mild update in November 2016 saw changes to the exterior and interior. Interestingly, the exterior… Read more

FORD MONDEO 2011 – 2020

Ford Mondeo is a European car aimed very much at the family market. They were sold as five-door hatches (also known as five-door sedans) and five-door station wagons. The wagons were popular as they are good load haulers. Ford Mondeo from the period being examined here had the Ford Sync infotainment systems. So even the base Mondeo LX has voice activated controls at a time when only upmarket European cars had the feature. Sync2 is installed from the 2015 models onwards. Ford also added Bluetooth connectivity as it was trying… Read more