Keen to capture early attention in the slow-moving sales market Mitsubishi Motors Australia has announced basic specifications and full pricing of the Express vans that will be launched on July 6th. The Express will be available in both short and long wheelbase with a choice of manual and automatic transmissions and it comes standard with dual sliding doors. Mitsubishi says, “There is no better way for owners to ensure the condition of their vehicle than servicing with a Mitsubishi dealer. With nearly 200 dealerships nationally, owners can be assured that… Read more


Mitsubishi Motors Australia will launch its latest Express van in July, the first time in more than seven years it has been offered here. The Express will be available in short and long wheelbase, with a 1.6-litre twin-turbo diesel engine, as well as a 2.0-litre single-turbo diesel fitted with a 25-litre AdBlue tank for improved emissions. The 1.6-litre engine is only available with a six-speed manual transmission, while the six-speed dual-clutch automatic models are available with the 2.0 diesel. All Express variants are front-wheel drive with Extended Grip – a… Read more


In 2010 Mitsubishi introduced the first ever mass production electric car to go on sale in Australia, the i-MiEV. In March 2014 the Japanese giant that specialises in electric vehicle technology brought the world’s first plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) off-roader downunder. The Outlander PHEV was upgraded in at the end of 2019 and is the subject of this week’s road test. See the Technology section for details. STYLING This Mitsubishi Outlander looks like any other Outlander, a deliberate move as the company doesn’t want it to be considered unusual, simply… Read more


2008 Mitsubishi Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero is a genuine SUV, not a passenger station wagon with a tough looking body as is increasingly the way these days. Though it began its life downunder as a body-on-chassis 4WD, it became a monocoque for improved ride and comfort in 2000. Good engineering meant the post-2000 models retained similar strength to the chassis models. All have a low-range case for tough, slow conditions. We are considering the Pajeros from a major refresh in late 2007 which are classed as being MY2008. Mitsubishi’s sophisticated Super Select drivetrain permits… Read more


Mitsubishi Mirage has received significant updates with changes to the style inside and out, improved infotainment and additional safety features. The Mitsubishi’s dynamic shield front ties in with new bumpers with large, angular recesses are aimed at giving it a broaded frontal stance. The rear has a squared-off look at the bumper corners and a colour-key rear spoiler. In addition, the Mirage LS gains new LED headlamps with headlamp-levelling, LED daytime running lamps, and LED rear combination lamps. It rides on 15-inch alloys. The revised interior includes Mitsubishi’s 7-inch smartphone… Read more


Mitsubishi Triton is a major competitor in the redhot pickup truck in Australia so is about to release two additional variants – the GLX-R and GSR models. The GSR gets the ‘tuff’ look, with 18-inch black alloy wheels, black dynamic shield design, grille, headlamp garnish, skid plate, door mirrors, door handles and sidesteps. Inside, the GSR has Multi around Monitor with steering wheel camera switch, leather trimmed seats, steering wheel and park brake level/shift knob, power driver seat adjustment and heated front seats. There is an optional tan orange interior… Read more


Mitsubishi has been a major player in the SUV and 4WD segments, selling the Eclipse Cross, Outlander, Pajero Sport and Pajero. The baby of the bunch is the ASX. It’s not really an SUV and only has 2WD (the front wheels) but is hardly alone in this. Mitsubishi ASX is a small SUV that’s been on sale in Australia since 2010. It frequently sits in top spot in sales for its class. A major reason for its success is the low prices achieved because its capital costs have been paid… Read more


Mitsubishi has given its Pajero Sport a solid update for the 2020 season. It has a facelift, improved lighting, a revised dash and console area, added comfort in the seats and clearer instrument and infotainment screens. Finally a powered tailgate on most models makes loading simpler. The stylists have given the latest iteration of the Dynamic Shield styling, with the projector headlamps positioned outboard of the daytime running lights in a continuation of the grille. There’s a higher bonnet leading edge. The aim is to give a ‘Tuff’ look, something… Read more


Mitsubishi Pajero was arguably the first affordable 4WD that was a family wagon rather than a truck-based 4WD when it was launched here in 1983. It was originally a body-on-chassis 4WD, but became a monocoque for improved ride and comfort in 2000. Good engineering meant the post-2000 models retained similar strength to the chassis models. Almost all of these early Pajeros are all likely to by past their use by date, so we will begin the used review with the the new generation in December 2006. Midway through 2013 Pajero… Read more


Mitsubishi Australia has given its PHEV (plug in hybrid vehicle) a larger petrol engine, revised its suspension and improved infotainment features. A 2.4-litre petrol engine with 94kW of power at 4500rpm and 199Nm at 4500rpm, has replaced the 2.0-litre (was 2.0L 87kW/186Nm). Maximum power output from the two electric motors, front motor 60kW, rear motor 70kW, remains unchanged. Maximum torque front 137 Nm, rear 195 Nm. Increased maximum generator output 80 kW. Increased drive battery capacity 13.8kWh from 12 kWh. Potential electric driving range up to 54km (approx. 7 hours… Read more