The ongoing growth in Australian sales of MG vehicles continues to gather pace with the Chinese importer now sitting in seventh place of 2022 year-to-date sales at the end of April. The company’s success is all the more impressive given that there are only three models in its range, the MG3 hatchback, ZS small SUV and HS mid-sized SUV. The two SUVs are offered with different levels of electrification, the ZS is fully electric while the HS is a plug-in hybrid. Both come with the choice of Excite and Essence… Read more


Switched-on advocates of renewable energy generally agree that the ‘crossover point’ when the cost of producing electric cars becomes the same as that of internal combustion engine vehicles will be 2026 . . . maybe earlier. In the meantime, automobile manufacturers repeatedly put their money where their mouth is with full EVs and fossil fuel / electric hybrids. One such maker is MG, the erstwhile British sports car icon now in the hands of the Chinese, and powering. Indeed, MG is producing both hybrid and straight electric cars, with the… Read more


In his 1967 book, The Tyranny of Distance: How Distance Shaped Australia’s History, Geoffrey Blainey shone a light on this country’s geographical remoteness from the centre of the British Empire. The world’s largest island continent since has had its own problems with isolation of communities, which lately has come into sharp focus through the introduction of electric vehicles. It’s a long way from the ubiquitous ‘fill ‘er up’ fuel station to the plug-in bowser of the widely spread charge point, but things are rapidly changing, with car battery efficiency charging… Read more


With sales of the Chinese-sourced MG models booming it’s a good opportunity to look back at the iconic British sportcars that established the marque, and in particular the most popular of all, the MGB. The MGB was significant mainly because it was the archetypal cheap sportscar, rapid without being really fast in standard form, simple to maintain, and endowed with enduring good looks. At first only a two-seater open sports version was available, but in 1965 the very elegant MGB GT hatchback derivative was released. It was unfortunate that the… Read more


MG Motor Australia has announced that it will fund the supply of up to 3,000 EV and PHEV charging stations in up to 1,000 locations around Australia within the next three years. Locations will include hotels, resorts and other businesses with the first 300 to 1000 set to be delivered inside 12 months. Interestingly, MG’s decision comes hot on the heels of prime minister, Scott Morrison’s pre-election promise to provide similar charging infrastructure over the same period. While Morrison stopped short of promising subsidies or tax concessions to reduce the… Read more


Launched in 1936 the MG TA replaced the PB model and was the first of a successful range of T-series sports cars from the MG marque. It was powered by a four-cylinder overhead-valve, three-main-bearing crankshaft motor of 1292 cc capacity that developed 37.5 kW at 4500rpm. It was fuelled by two horizontal SU carburettors. The MG TA also had a three-speed synchromesh gearbox which made it unique among small sports cars of that period. It was this engine and transmission combination which customers thought the most innovative. The engineers at… Read more


While China may not be the flavour of the month in Canberra it is now beginning to make a significant impact onto the Australian automotive market. Leading this charge is MG Motor who, through a combination of attractive styling, sharp pricing, seven-year warranty and long equipment list, now sits inside the top 10 brands for overall motor vehicle sales. Even more surprising is that this success has been achieved with just three vehicles in its range, one hatchback (MG30) and a pair of SUVs, the compact ZS and mid-sized HS…. Read more


Two lower-priced models have been added to the MG ZST range: the MG ZST Core and MG ZST Vibe. They have a different front grille with a black high-gloss finish that frames the MG badge. The black high-gloss detailing is also on the door mirror covers, side sill inserts and foglight surrounds (the latter available for Vibe only). Both variants have keyless entry and push-button start. There’s Apple CarPlay and Android Auto through its 10.1-inch touch screen infotainment system. Power comes from 1.5-litre 84kW / 150Nm direct-injection four-cylinder petrol engine…. Read more


It was only a matter to time before Chinese vehicles started to make their presence felt on the Australian market and February saw a major step forward in that process with the MG brand breaking through into the top ten of overall sales for that month. Even more impressive is that it has been done with only three models in its range, the MG3 hatchback, ZS small SUV and HS mid-sized SUV. The release of the February sales figures coincided with the launch of the MG HS PHEV, the company’s… Read more


First introduced in 1954 as the ZA Magnette it was a four-cylinder four-door sports saloon based on Austin and Wolseley parts. The familiar MG grille was one of the few external components which differentiated the car from other BMC saloons. The separate chassis of the Y-type was replaced by a unitary body construction. Gone also were the running boards, separate wings and the straight up and down body. Instead, a rounded body with subtle curves and contours gave the car a much smoother continuous look. Whilst the ZA used an… Read more