Audi A6

Audi A6

Audi has unveiled its latest infotainment system with a range of new convenience, safety and security features.

Called Audi Connect plus it’s an upgrade of the previous Audi Connect system and it uses an embedded SIM card linked to the Telstra network to provide these features.

To ensure that Audi connect plus was fine-tuned to specific Australian infrastructure requirements the system was incorporated into local testing of the upcoming Audi e-tron electric vehicles including travelling around 10,000 kilometres over a two-year period.

The routes including both urban and regional areas where Connect plus was tested in with a range of mobile network operators and with both 3G and 4G networks.

Audi A6 Connect

As it should be, safety is the main priority with Audi Connect plus. The system has an SOS function built into the roof panel that is activated either automatically when airbags are deployed or manually with a push button.

Either way a message is sent to the Audi emergency call centre with vital information including the exact location of the incident, the colour of the vehicle, how many airbags have been deployed and the number of occupants.

In the case of a minor incident or breakdown there is another button that provides an online direct link to the nearest Audi roadside assist provider.

Convenience features of Audi Connect plus that combine with the myAudi smartphone app include the ability to remotely lock and unlock the vehicle from anywhere in the world as well as to provide information including approaching weather conditions, fuel location and pricing, real-time traffic information and parking availability including pricing and operating hours.

The app can also provide the precise location of the car through Google Maps and then sound the horn or activate the warning indicators to assist forgetful owners. For added convenience satellite navigation instructions can be set on the myAudi app and then sent to the car.

Audi A6 Connect

Information on vehicle maintenance and servicing is sent directly from the vehicle to the owner’s preferred service centre and therefore allows online communications to be exchanged with service appointments and subsequent reminders.

Audi Australia tells us that the Connect plus system will be installed in most future models, starting with the upcoming new A6 due for release this month and followed later this year in the A7, Q8 and A8.

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