by Ewan Kennedy & Julie Saville
The Genesis GV60 is the smallest of three SUVs from Hyundai’s luxury sub-brand behind
the mid-sized GV70 and large GV80.

Each of the three models get different powertrain choices, the GV80 comes with turbo-
petrol or diesel, as does the GV70 but with an EV option added. Our test vehicle, the
GV60, is electric only.

Genesis GV60 sits on the same platform as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 with
potential buyers sure to line up the three siblings alongside each other.

Firstly, while the Ioniq 5 and EV6 comes with the option of front-wheel drive, that is with
single motor on the front axle, the GV60 is AWD only with a second motor on the rear axle.

Power and torque when comparing the GV60 with the AWD Ioniq 5 and EV6, is almost
identical at around 234 kW and 605 Nm with the GV60’s range of 454 km slightly less than
the Hyundai (470 km) and Kia (484 km). The GV60 EV Performance variant lifts power to
320 kW but with no change in torque.

The most noticeable difference is price, with the GV60 EV selling for $107,700 compared
with the Ioniq 5 AWD Techniq ($77,500) and the EV6 GT-Line ($87,590). All are before
on-road costs.

Though it’s called an SUV by Genesis, the GV60 is very coupe-like in its appearance. It’s
streamlined from the bonnet to the rear spoiler, has a short front overhang and sits on a
long wheelbase at 2900 mm.

Genesis GV60

The Genesis signature Crest Grille is in a lower position than in other GV models that have
internal combustion engines. This is to make for the different cooling requirements specific
to the dedicated high-performance EV platform.

Julie says, “This is a beautiful car. It has this gorgeous feminine rounded shape with a
beautiful bottom. It is sort of half way between SUV and sedan.

“By far the most beautiful thing about the GV60 EV we road tested is the colour aqua
green sea glass. It is beautiful and light and jewel-like. Almost like an opal.”

The interior design of the GV60 has what Genesis says “the ethos of the Beauty of White
Space’ while seeking to create a spacious and comfortable interior.”

Julie says, “Combine this gorgeous exterior with a cream and sea green leather interior
and this vehicle is just a delight to be in. It brings a smile to your face. With the super sleek
remote you are set to drive off into the wild blue yonder.”

Passengers in the rear seat have plenty of legroom although the floor is slightly higher
because the battery pack is under the floor. Also, the sloping rear window may make it a
little tight for those travelling there. We suggest you take anyone who will be travelling in
the back seats to come along when you’re considering a GV60 and see how they find the

To make the GV60 more sustainable, various parts are created with eco-friendly and
recycled materials. The seats, door armrests, console armrests, and crash pads are made
with plant-based leather.

The seat covers and door centre trims have fabrics made with yarns extracted from
recycled PET bottles and fishing nets.

The GV60 is the first Genesis model to combine the instrument clusters and navigation
into a panoramic display where the content is connected throughout in clusters, navigation
and head up display.

Sound is through a premium 17-speaker Bang & Olufsen with a sound control interface to
provide a choice different sound mixes including Relax, Energetic, Bright and Warm.

GV60 has combined power of 234 kW, 74 kW from the front motor and 160 kW from the
rear. The GV60 Performance steps that up to 360 kW, 180W at both front and rear.

Both variants feature a 77.4kWh battery which provide a driving range of 470km (WLTP)
per charge for the base model and 466km (WLTP) per charge for the Performance variant.

Transmission in our test car is to all four wheels through what you could call a single-
speed automatic transmission.

Standard safety features start with 10 airbags including a rollover-resistant curtain ‘bags
and advanced ABS brakes.

Other features include Lane Keeping Assist, High Beam Assist, Driver Attention Warning,
Forward Collision Avoidance Assist, Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance Assist, Rear Cross
Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist, Safe Exit Assist, Intelligent Speed Limit Assist, Advance
Rear Occupant Alert, and Multi-Collision Braking System.

Julie says, “The GV60 has space. It feels very comfortable getting into the driver’s seat.
There is plenty of leg space and the seat is not too low. I have sat in all the seats in the car
and they are all very comfortable with sufficient leg room. In the driver’s seat the feeling of
space is increased by the sweep of the dashboard and the uncluttered instrument panel.
Wait until you see the gear control at night!”

The door mirrors aren’t mirrors! Rather the view to the side-rear of the GV60 is provided by
cameras that take a picture of the what is happening and transmits it to small TV screens
inside the doors.

While this works well, we found it distracting at times because the screen on the driver’s
door is too close. On motorways things are flashing past very quickly, particularly when in
the fast lane.

Perhaps if I owned and drove a GV60 driving the car all the time I would learn to tune out
from this. Maybe we should borrow a test car for at least a month and find out…

Anyhow let’s get away from the door mirrors and talk about driving this fascinating car.
This is a fascinating car in many ways, the door handles pop up when the driver
approaches the car with their smart key.

The GV60 can recognise two faces, then adjust the settings for the driver’s seat, steering
wheel and door mirrors.

There are three drive modes to choose from, Eco, Normal and Sport. The Eco setting
makes the GV60 accelerate relatively gently. The Normal mode is the one we used for
most our driving as we feel that’s what most owners would do.

The Sport mode makes it go like a rocket and provide instant grunt to help you overtake in
a short space when you see a chance to get past a slower car during country driving. Or
you can simply use it just for the fun it provides!

The i-PEDAL regenerative braking mode enables a single-pedal driving strategy that
allows acceleration, deceleration and stopping of the vehicle using only the accelerator

Step into the back seats and the car’s nearly 2950 mm wheelbase affords rear passengers
a huge amount of legroom, but as I noted above, the higher floor (due to the battery pack)
and sloping rear window line may make the back seat a little less pleasant for taller
occupant. Try before you buy…

The Genesis GV60 EV is a most impressive piece of automotive engineering. It goes like
crazy when you give it a boot full yet is happy to run quietly and gently around town.

Would I buy one? Not at this time, it’s very expensive and while the range is pretty good it
still takes time to charge it up and that can be a pain at times.

It has a five-year unlimited distance warranty on everything with the exception of the high-
voltage battery which is warranted for eight years and 160,000 kilometres.


GV60 Lux: $107,700
GV60 Performance Lux: $114,700
Note: These prices do not include government or dealer delivery charges. Contact your
local Genesis dealer for drive-away prices.

SPECIFICATIONS (Genesis GV60 LUX EV five-door wagon)

Maximum Power: 234 kW
Maximum Torque: 605 Nm
Fuel Type: Electricity

DRIVELINE: One-speed automatic

Length: 4515 mm
Wheelbase: 2900 mm
Width: 1890 mm
Height: 1595 mm
Turning Circle: 11.9 metres
Kerb Mass: 2160 kg

Front: Ventilated Disk
Rear: Ventilated Disk

Five years / unlimited kilometres

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