As part of the recent Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, Jaguar displayed 15 classics
– one of them a bespoke Jaguar E-Type.

This car is a bit special because the customer wanted an E-Type from the same year that
he was born, 1965. In fact, the car Jaguar found for him was built just two days shy of his
birthday. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The unique E-type made its debut alongside a selection of historically important Jaguar E-
types, an all-electric I-PACE eTROPHY race car and seven convertible Jaguars – all
carrying famous Dames.

The customer, thrilled to participate in the pageant, was joined by American dancer,
model, and fashion designer, Eric Underwood in the passenger seat.

The one-off E-type features unique paintwork inspired by the Union Jack, a 4.7-litre
straight-six engine, five-speed gearbox, and uprated suspension and brakes.

A bespoke interior completed in-house by the Jaguar Classic trim shop was inspired by
iconic British pillar boxes. The process took 12 months, starting with a complete rebuild,
beginning with the bodywork.

Finished in a unique deep metallic blue inspired by the blue of the Union Jack, the new
blue, was exclusively mixed by the paint shop following numerous consultations and
sample creations to craft the perfect hue over several months.

The bespoke interior features striking leather upholstery finished in a shade of red inspired
by iconic British pillar boxes, and was hand finished using traditional methods at the in-
house Jaguar Classic Works trim shop.

With the body assembly and paintwork complete, the engineering team went to work
refitting mechanical elements – including a host of enhancements.
The original 4.2-litre straight-six was replaced by a larger 4.7-litre engine, delivering
superior performance.

It is optimised for road driving and married to Jaguar Classic’s specially developed five-
speed gearbox, for a smoother, quieter and more refined driving experience.
Uprated suspension ensures the chassis can exploit the performance provided by its
powertrain, while wider wheels, tyres, and uprated brakes deliver superior grip and

A sports exhaust and manifold ensure the E-type’s soundtrack suits its dynamic character.

Modern technologies include 21st century connectivity provided by the Classic
Infotainment system, combining touchscreen controls, satellite navigation and Bluetooth
with a period-look that is perfectly in-keeping with the rest of the vehicle.
Powerful exterior LED lighting also brings illumination up to modern standards for
additional confidence driving at night.

A series of bespoke details complete the vehicle, including a unique plate and dash

In addition, this one-off blue E-type features a few elements inspired by the limited E-type
60 Collection.

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