Strewth! Audi’s RS 6 Avant is formidable. In fact, it’s almost too much car — correction, wagon. It’s right up there in terms of the high-performance stuff that we’ve driven over the years and should not be underestimated. I remember driving its little brother, the RS 4 Avant, on the track at Sydney’s Eastern Creek, one hand on the wheel, drifting effortlessly around a left-hander. It was an amazing experience and I can only imagine RS 6 would be even more rewarding driven flat out in an environment that can… Read more


It’s probably close to 10 years since I last drove an Audi S8 and not much has changed in that time. It’s got a bit more power and technology, but still looks pretty much the same and the basics are still there. And it’s still the car I’d buy if I was lucky enough to win Lotto. Big, prestigious and powerful, the S8 is a lot of car, almost too much I thought, as it snapped sideways when I made the mistake of punching the accelerator on a wet road…. Read more