Mitsubishi Pajero changed the way the world thought of 4WD vehicles when launched in the mid 1980s. It showed 4WDs didn’t have to be truck-based, they could be refined station wagons. Sure, the Range Rover took a similar route in the early 1970, but it cost far more than the Mitsubishi. Though very refined for its class, the Pajero still had a separate chassis until 2000, then it took the monocoque (one-piece body) route to provide even more on-road comfort. Cleverly it did so while retaining most of the overall… Read more


2005 Mitsubishi Lancer wagon

  Mitsubishi Lancer is a small to medium Japanese car designed and made to a high quality, making it one of the leaders in the reliability stakes. Aimed at the conservative buyer rather than the one looking for excitement Lancer is usually driven gently and maintained correctly. Which explains why it’s well-regarded on the used-car scene. However, the Lancer MR coupe of 1997 to 2004 is a popular choice with sporting drivers due to its firmer suspension and sharper steering. If you do want real excitement, the ultra-hot Lancer Ralliart… Read more


Mitsubishi Outlander has been upgraded in appearance by having alloy wheels and black-coloured roof rails

Well aware of the white heat of competition in medium SUV sales in Australia, Mitsubishi, one of the original players in the SUV field in Australia, has added features to its Outlander 4WD. Appearance changes are minimal – the fitment of18-inch alloy wheels and a black-coloured roof rail in all models – but equipment changes are generous. The entry level Mitsubishi Outlander has what Mitsubishi tells us is $1500 worth of extras. These include reversing sensors, as well as a camera. Parking reference lines are shown on the central touch-screen…. Read more

MITSUBISHI 380 2005 – 2008

2006 Mitsubishi 380 Series 2

The demise of the local manufacture of the Mitsubishi 380 was the result of a common ailment within the car industry – belief in your own hype. When sitting down to build the next generation Mitsubishi Magna the marketing people convinced themselves their new car was so much better than the old one that it deserved a new name. So after over 20 years of building up a great reputation for the Magna the name was dumped and replaced by a number. Mitsubishi 380 was born, staggered along for a… Read more


Mitsubishi’s ASX crossover is a good looker that’s selling strongly

Just seven months after launching a refreshed ASX range Mitsubishi has added a new model to the stable. For the first time ASX will have an all-wheel-drive, turbo-diesel variant with an automatic transmission. The company also confirmed at the launch of the latest ASX that the current 1.8-litre turbo diesel, only available with a manual shifter, will be phased out later in the year. The smaller diesel was a stop-gap model to introduce diesel to the small SUV range. Mitsubishi’s market research shows automatic diesels in the compact SUV segment… Read more


Mitsubishi Pajero continues to provide a neat balance between on-road comfort and off-road ability

Mitsubishi Pajero is an important vehicle in the history of 4WDs in Australia. Prior to the Mitsubishi’s launch in the early 1980s buyers could choose between a 4WD that was truck-like, or find a lot more money and go for a very expensive Range Rover. Then Pajero arrived at an affordable price, with good off-road ability, on-road comfort and decent handling. The rest, as they say, is history and in the intervening four decades every car maker in the world has designed 4WDs and SUVs based on the principles introduced… Read more


Big headlights and a curvaceous bonnet give the new Mitsubishi Mirage a cheeky look

Mitsubishi Mirage was a major player in the small car scene in Australia during the 1970s and into the ‘80s. Indeed it was built in Adelaide for much of its time on sale here. Mirage faded from the local scene when the local branch of the giant Japanese company got into financial strife and closed its factories, but has now reappeared. The new Mirage has a price list beginning at a very low $12,990, plus on-roads, and takes on the established Suzuki Alto, Nissan Micra and Holden Barina in the… Read more