The all-new BMW iX M60 will launch in Australia in the middle of 2022. It is the third
variant in the BMW iX line-up and represents the latest fully electric offering from the BMW
M high performance brand following the BMW i4 M50, which launched in Australia in

Launches of the iX M60 and i4 M50 models are significant developments in a year when
BMW M celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The iX M60 produces up to 455kW and 1100Nm of torque and accelerates from zero to
100km/h in just 3.8-seconds and has a top speed of 250km/h.

The iX M60 will offer 566 kilometres of driving range according to the WLTP test cycle.

It has electric all-wheel-drive, a highly responsive actuator-based wheel slip limitation and
suspension technology integrating BMW M specifically tuned dual-axle air suspension with
automatic level control.

Both the body structure and suspension are geared towards combining superior ride
comfort with sporty handling characteristics.

The aluminium spaceframe carbon fibre reinforced plastic in the roof, side and rear
sections represent an intelligent mix of materials that combine increased rigidity with
optimised weight.

The BMW iX M60’s performance, efficiency and range benefit from its optimised
aerodynamic properties.

The high-voltage battery is located down in the underbody, lowering the vehicle’s centre of
gravity to deliver agile handling and balanced axle load distribution.

This means the performance characteristics of the BMW iX M60 are not only characterised
by spontaneous acceleration but also by outstanding cornering dynamics and handling
that can be precisely controlled at all times.

The BMW iX M60 is priced at $222,900 plus on-road costs and will arrive in Australia
carrying a high level of specification and array of luxury and convenience features.
BMW tells us the iX M60 can be driven at the physical limits and provide the driver clear
feedback. Which all sounds great. We will borrow a car for a week’s road test review and
give our findings afterwards. We are certainly looking forward to this one.

About Ewan Kennedy

Ewan Kennedy, a long-time car enthusiast, was Technical Research Librarian with the NRMA from 1970 until 1985. He worked part-time as a freelance motoring journalist from 1977 until 1985, when he took a full-time position as Technical Editor with Modern Motor magazine. Late in 1987 he left to set up a full-time business as a freelance motoring journalist. Ewan is an associate member of the Society of Automotive Engineers - International. An economy driving expert, he set the Guinness World Record for the greatest distance travelled in a standard road vehicle on a single fuel fill. He lists his hobbies as stage acting, travelling, boating and reading.
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