The German-built next-generation ZB Holden Commodore won’t be here till February 2018, but GM-H has released its recommended prices as part of the build up to its new high-tech models.

Though you get a fair bit more car for your money Holden has deliberated kept prices at similar levels to the outgoing VF II, even significantly lower in many cases. That’s to counteract the negativity about the German Commodore from some quarters.

The negativity being that this isn’t really a Holden as it’s not “built tough for Australia”. That’s despite the fact that Holden engineers have been involved in the design process in Germany and other countries from the earliest days. And that a considerable amount of local testing and subsequent re-engineering has been done to make the ZB Commodore suit Australian needs.


Below is a list of the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP). We have contacted some local and interstate Holden dealers to get a comparison of ZB Commodore prices and those of the last of the VF Series II Commodores.

New and old models aren’t exactly comparable, but are reasonably close and differences generally reflect added equipment in the new Euro Commodore.

Note that the driveaway prices vary from State to State, and maybe also from dealer to dealer according to local taxes and dealer charges. Also that GM-H is offering Launch pricing on some models to get the ball rolling.

Variant MSRP Driveaway Variant MSRP Driveaway
LT 2.0T FWD $33,690 $35,990 Evoke 3.0L V6 $35,490 $39,925
LT 2.0TD FWD $36,690 $40,929
RS 2.0T FWD $37,290 $38,990 SV6 3.6L V6 $40,490 $39,990
RS V6 AWD $40,790 $42,490
Calais 2.0T FWD $40,990 $45,400 Calais 3.6L V6 $42,540 $46,586
Calais 2.0TD FWD $43,990 $48,524
RS-V V6 AWD $46,990 $51,761 SS 6.2L V8 $49,690 $53,951
Calais-V V6 AWD $51,990 $56,980 Calais V 3.6L V6 $48,750 $52,983
VXR V6 AWD $55,990 $61,151 Redline 6.2L V8 $57,190 $62,676
LT 2.0T FWD $35,890 $40,095 Evoke 3.0L V6 $37,490 $41,925
LT 2.0TD FWD $38,890 $43,218
RS 2.0T FWD $39,490 $43,842 SV6 3.6L V6 $42,490 $41,990
RS-V V6 AWD $49,190 $54,061 SS 6.2L V8 $51,690 $55,951
Calais Tourer V6 AWD $45,990 $47,990
Calais-V Tourer V6 AWD $53,990 $59,066 Calais V 3.6L V6 $50,750 $54,983

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