AC Cars is getting set to unveil its stunning new AC Cobra GT Roadster next month. The all new, and exclusive high-performance roadster is the return of one of motoring’s most famous names. With a clean sheet design, the AC Cobra GT Roadster is a cutting-edge modern sports car, produced using the latest technology and engineering processes, yet it remains faithful to the spirit of the original AC Cobra from the 1960s. AC Cars is Britain’s oldest active vehicle manufacturer, having been in business since 1901. A highly accomplished and… Read more


AC Cars re-entered the car market in 1947 with a rehash of the Thames Ditton, England pre-WW II model which was powered by a 2.0-litre overhead-cam straight-six engine. It was not, however, until 1953 when they released their new sports car that the company established its reputation as a sports car manufacturer. A design by John Tojeiro was selected which used a ladder-type tubular frame, all-independent transverse leaf-spring suspension and an extremely attractive open two-seater alloy body with classic lines. In appearance many people felt the design was inspired by… Read more


The AC Cobra was a high-performance cross breed; a British AC Ace with a Ford V8 engine. The first 75 production cars used the Ford 4.2-litre engine but this was then replaced by the 4.7-litre V8 from the Ford Mustang. Only 560 of these 4.7-litre Cobras were built in the mid-1960s. In standard form it provided 202 kW but it was possible to buy a race-tuned version which turned out a mighty 276 kW. Right from the commencement of the project, AC shipped cars to California without engines or transmissions…. Read more