AC Cars is getting set to unveil its stunning new AC Cobra GT Roadster next month.

The all new, and exclusive high-performance roadster is the return of one of motoring’s
most famous names.

With a clean sheet design, the AC Cobra GT Roadster is a cutting-edge modern sports
car, produced using the latest technology and engineering processes, yet it remains
faithful to the spirit of the original AC Cobra from the 1960s.

AC Cars is Britain’s oldest active vehicle manufacturer, having been in business since
1901. A highly accomplished and usable GT sports car, the new model shares no
components with the original yet is instantly recognisable.

Incorporating competition derived engineering, the car is a pure-bred sports car with
phenomenal handling and performance.

The new aluminium spaceframe chassis has a wheelbase of 2570mm, 284mm longer
than the AC Cobra Mk. VI, yet the car’s overall length has gown only 110mm, up to

The car’s track has also been optimised to give it a wider stance, which together with
the weight distribution and centre of gravity, has drastically improved handling and

Powered by a petrol V8, but this time delivering up to 488kW of power and 780Nm of
torque, with the choice of a 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic gearbox, the car
weighs under 1500kg and accelerates from 0-60km/h in approximately 3.5 secs.

Styled by a team of world class designers, the exterior bodywork and interior of the new
AC Cobra retains a modern personality but with a timeless aesthetic, and incorporates
some of the latest materials and technology.

The interior includes hand finished unique elements, unseen in the automotive world
before, and the augmentation of analogue instruments with digital glass displays – a
bespoke combination.

Substantially improved ergonomics mean that the cabin suits drivers of all sizes, with
the space afforded by the new chassis design providing a high level of comfort and

With orders already taken, following release of the first details in December, the car’s
limited production means customers will need to act quickly to secure one of the first
cars due in 2024.

AC Cars David Conza said developing and delivering a car worthy of the AC Cobra
name has not been an easy task.

“But I am delighted and immensely proud of what we have achieved. This is a sports
car like no other, and we have employed some of the industry’s leading designers and
engineers to craft an outstanding automobile that is extremely beautiful as well as
fantastically quick and amazing to drive,” he said.

“We wanted to respect the AC Cobra’s heritage, and while the design has taken
influence from the ‘restomod’ approach it has a more sophisticated feel in keeping with
a classic British roadster.

“This, along with the race-bred personality of the original AC Cobra, means we have
produced an unrivalled vehicle that’s totally modern and relevant to today’s
connoisseurs – a true 21st century sports car.”

The new AC Cobra GT Roadster is expected to cost from £285,000, including VAT in
the UK (about $508,000 Aussie dollars).

It is available to order for clients worldwide, and customers can schedule a personal
consultation with a member of the team, as well as reserve their new AC Cobra GT
Roadster, at

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