1971 Chrysler Valiant VH Regal 770

With the VH series, released in June 1971, Chrysler at last gave Valiant buyers a uniquely
Australian design. The new model was wider than the previous (VG) model and with its
extended wheelbase it looked enormous, despite the fact that, at 4900 mm, it was only a
fraction longer than before.

The VH Valiant’s cleaner and more rounded lines were enhanced by a reduction in body
decoration. The front parking lights and turning indicator lights were moulded to fit flushly
above a curved front bumper bar. A hatch-type bonnet was fitted and a completely new
interior complemented the revamped body.

VH buyers were offered two new versions of the much-publicised Hemi engine These were
the 265, a 4.3-litre ‘two-barrel’ engine producing 152 kW, and a 162-kW version of the
same engine fitted to the Pacer sports sedan.

Production of the 4-litre ‘245’ and 3.53-litre ‘215’ continued. The 5.2-litre V-8 was retained
as an option on the Regal models.

The medium-line VH Valiant was called the Ranger; the better equipped version became
the Valiant Ranger XL. The VH wagon, which was about 152 mm longer than the sedan,
featured a massive load space and an integral air-deflector above the rear window.

The prestige Valiant was now the VH Regal. A Regal 770, with a stronger sporting accent,
was also available.

The line-up broadened as the year progressed. Chrysler introduced the sensational
Charger in August and the ‘Chrysler’ saloon in November.

The other variant for 1971 was the two-door Valiant VH Hardtop released in October.
Available in Regal and Regal 770 form, it was about 100 mm longer than the VH sedan –
and it looked to be all boot. If was a spectacular sales flop; virtually everyone preferred the

Including Chrysler saloons and Charger models, 67,800 VH Valiants were made.

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