1978 Cadillac Eldorado

1978 Cadillac Eldorado

Every 1978 Cadillac except Seville used the same engine – an OHV 7.0-litre V8. Seville, billed as Cadillac’s `international size’ car, used the V8, but in a slightly smaller (5.7-litre) size. The use of aluminium in a few marginal areas was Cadillac’s only concession to weight reduction, and the weight loss was minimal. The only emphasis the maker placed was on, in their own words, “subtle design refinements and consumer-oriented engineering benefits.”

As usual, Cadillac’s complete line was the shortest in the GM stable – a total of seven regular models and two special editions’. The latter were a sportier-looking Eldorado called Biarritz, and the Seville Elegante. Also as usual, Cadillac’s two limousines were monstrously long – over six metres from bumper to bumper.

Cadillac even produced an Eldorado coupe‚ front wheel drive car but not for compactness. Mounting the automatic transmission alongside the engine saved space, but this Cadillac was compact only by comparison with the huge limousine Cadillac made at the same time. Respective lengths were 5.6 metres and 6.2 metres, but the smaller coupe‚ was two metres wide.

The comfort and quietness of its ride was more a desirable characteristic of Cadillac than its thirst for fuel.

GM’s other top brand line, Buick, for 1978, managed to display the largest number of body styles of any GM line – thirty-four in all – in eight series: Skylark, Skyhawk, Century, Regal, LeSabre, Estate Wagon, Electra 225 and Riviera.

Heavy emphasis was laid by Buick on the intermediate Century; a total of nine body styles, including two station wagons were presented.

As with the other three GM lines, (Cadillac is the exception in GM thinking – it ploughed its own stately, luxurious course) fuel efficiency and weight and size reduction were features.

When it came to creature comforts Cadillac led the world. Power everything was the plan with a master panel on the driver’s door which gave him control of everything. Potentates, Sultans, Princes and Presidents have all chosen Cadillacs as their preferred motor car.

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