It’s plain and simple – and that’s a compliment: the Suzuki S-Cross eschews the fads and fancies of many of its rivals trying to mimic their bigger and more expensive brothers in the car-cum-wagon world. The new Suzuki crossover has its eyes firmly focused on fuel economy and value for money, the latter given a recent boost by sharper driveaway pricing. Not that there is anything cheap and nasty about the Japanese hatch. Suzuki S-Cross comes in GL, GLX and GLX Prestige specification. It is common for car companies to… Read more


The Suzuki SX4 hardly set the automotive world on fire when it was launched in the mid 1990s and was all but swamped by enthusiasm for the then new Swift. Now the SX4 has sort of morphed into the S-Cross, a crossover with all-wheel drive capability. The new vehicle, despite carrying the ‘SX4’ prefix, according to Suzuki, bears no resemblance to its small-car all-wheel-drive predecessor. Indeed, it was the Swift team that crossed over to shape and engineer the S-Cross – and it shows. The deal was to produce a… Read more


Styling of the all-new Suzuki S-Cross will appeal to many looking for a sensible family transport

From 4WD specialist Suzuki comes yet another entrant in the increasingly crowded crossover SUV market in Australia. The all-new Suzuki S-Cross is a replacement for the Suzuki SX4. While it looked like an everyday hatchback, the SX4 was reasonably competent on unsealed roads. STYLING The new Suzuki S-Cross looks more SUV in its lines than the SX4, though certainly not to the extent of looking like a pure SUV. Oh dear, the world of crossovers is becoming ever more complex… Chief designer of the Suzuki S-Cross, Takehito Arai, paid Suzuki… Read more

SUZUKI SX4 2007 – 2013

2012 Suzuki SX4

Suzuki SX4 is a neat crossover between a hatchback and station wagon, with the added advantage that it can handle mild off-road running. Given that Suzuki has been a major player in the 4WD market in Australia for many decades you can rest assured that the Suzuki SX4 is the real deal. You wouldn’t call the SX4 a 4WD in the true sense of the word, indeed, the company tells us the ‘4’ in the title doesn’t stand for 4WD, but for 4 seasons. Not all SX4s in Australia have… Read more

SUZUKI SWIFT 2005 – 2012

2006 Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift was a big seller in Australia in the 1980s and ‘90s, but was inexplicably discontinued in 2000. Realising they had made a mistake the importers introduced an all-new Swift in February 2005. The older Swifts, which incidentally were also imported by Holden and badged as Barinas are also worth consideration but are so different to the later models that we will cover them in a separate used-car feature. The 2005 Suzuki Swift is significantly bigger than the original ones, giving it a better ride and a more relaxed… Read more