Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) is urging drivers to check their luggage, indeed all items, are properly secured in their car. Saying that in a crash, loose objects can become dangerous missiles striking with a force up to 20 times their own weight.

Professor Lynne Bilston, Senior Principal Research Scientist at NeuRA, recommends keeping all luggage below the height of the back seat or consider installing a cargo barrier.

“All luggage needs to be properly packed and tied down so that everything is secure. You don’t want anything to be loose if you brake suddenly or are involved in a crash, said Professor Bilston.”

– Keep the shelf under the rear window free of loose articles. (Shelf is the wrong word for this area and really shouldn’t be used.)
– All items such should be carefully packed in the boot space so it is evenly distributed across the width of the cargo area and close to the seatback.
– Some cars have luggage tie-down points, or even nets to help you secure things so they don’t move around. Make the best use of them.
– Don’t confuse luggage tie down points with child restraint tether anchorages or your child could be killed or injured in a crash.
– It is important to make sure luggage does not impact the tether strap if a child restraint is fitted. Heavy or sharp small loose items should be secured these in a box or suitable container.

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