You would think that drivers would take extra care as they entered their home area. Sadly, my experience shows exactly the opposite takes. The closer they are to home the more likely they are to drive dangerously.

That disturbing fact dawned on me the other day when I was waiting outside my home for someone to arrive. My place is near the entrance to a suburban area that probably houses a couple of hundred homes. So there’s a reasonable number of cars travelling past most of the time.

A large number of drivers were on their mobile phones. Presumably to tell their partners they were getting close to home so the kettle could be turned on, the dog brought in, the kids dragged out of the bath, or whatever.

My opinion on the dangers of using mobiles is well and truly on record. These things are killers, perhaps to the same level as drink driving, or even worse.

There’s very little chance of police being in a quiet neighbourhood like ours, so these drivers obviously decided it was safe to ring home. Stupid thinking, presumably they feel the only reason not to use a mobile while driving is to avoid a fine – not to save a life.

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