Subaru_Test_Drive_3Want to test drive Subaru on your home ground instead of out of a Subaru dealership? Thus using it on roads that are very familiar to you. Then have a Subaru be brought to your home, work or anywhere else that best suits.

At this stage it’s a trial program only, operating only in the Sydney metro area and is limited to potential buyers of Impreza or XV. If it proves successful Subaru, will expand it to other capital and non-capital cities, and to other models in the range.

The mobile test drive feature operates as a normal test drive would from a dealership, but in an environment known to the potential buyer. The sales person accompanies you on the test drive.

Subaru Australia’s new managing director, Colin Christie, has come up with some clever ideas to move away from traditional car sales methods, he told us: “The ‘Test Drive at Yours’ program is a natural extension of our Subaru ‘do’ pop-up stores in shopping centre locations.

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