nissan_patrol_frontWant to buy a brand-new classic old truck for a bargain price? If that question sounds like a weird contradiction let’s look at the truck in question, the Nissan Patrol Y61.

The Nissan’s Y61 Patrol (wagon) and UY61 (cab-chassis) have been on Australian roads, backroads and completely off-road for the last 20 years. A throwback to simpler times, the Patrol Y61 was superseded by the Y62 series in other countries four years ago.

However that huge American-oriented wagon was sold only with an equally huge petrol V8 engine – and many Aussies, particularly in rural areas weren’t keen on it.

So Nissan Australia managed to get its Japanese head office to keep producing the diesel-engined 61s for our market. Sadly, that couldn’t last forever and to see off the old warrior Nissan Australia has released the last of the line – the Patrol Y61 Wagon Legend Edition wagon (limited to 300 units). It comes with $10,000 of Nissan genuine accessories, and for a very tempting driveaway price of $57,990 with a five-speed manual transmission, and $60,990 for the four-speed automatic transmission.

This special edition is specific to Australia.


The Legend Edition has 17-inch alloy wheels with 275/65R17 tyres. Nissan Genuine Accessories are a heavy-duty steel bull bar that’s airbag compatible, a bull bar-mounted electric winch, towbar, satellite navigation, rear-view camera, roof rack, snorkel and a soft cover for the spare wheel.

Body colours are White Diamond, Polar White and Platinum. Custom decals mark this limited edition Y61 as something out of the ordinary.

The Y61 Patrol Legend Edition has a 3.0-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine, delivering up to 118 kW of power, and torque of 380 Nm between 2000 and 2400 rpm in front of a five-speed manual gearbox. The four-speed automatic transmission can’t cope with that high torque and is limited to 354 Nm.

The Y61 Patrol’s off-road capabilities are enhanced by a low ratio (2.02:1) transfer case, automatic locking free-wheeling hubs and a rear diff lock.

The three-link coil-sprung front suspension aids in wheel articulation, as does the five-link rear suspension, also with coil springs. It’s not the most comfortable vehicle we’ve every driven, but there’s no doubting its off-road capability.


A 95-litre main diesel tank, supplemented by a 30-litre sub-tank, provides plenty of driving range.

Maximum braked-trailer towing capacities are 3200 kilograms with the manual transmission and 2500 kg with the automatic.

Another reason for the special edition Patrol is that 2017 celebrates the 50th year of Nissan Motor Company (Australia).

Patrol Legend Edition is now on sale at authorised Nissan dealerships across Australia.

Nissan Australia chief, Richard Emery, says, “The Nissan Patrol has chiselled its reputation for ruggedness and dependability in some of Australia’s harshest conditions. Patrol has a long list of achievements in Australia, most notably being the first vehicle to cross Australia’s remote Simpson Desert, which it did in 1962.”

Naturally, the latest generation Nissan Patrol, the Y62, continues on sale. It’s powered by 5.6-litre V8 petrol engine (298 kW / 560 Nm), driving through an advanced seven-speed automatic transmission and has an electronically controlled, All Mode 4X4 system. Suspension is independent all round.

The big Y62 wagon’s body can carry up to eight passengers (Ti model, seven seats in the Ti-L). Prices range from $69,990 to $96,498.

1951 – 1960: Generation 1: 4W Series
1960 – 1980: Generation 2: G60 Series
1980 – 1987: Generation 3: MQ Patrol
1987 – 1997: Generation 4: GQ Patrol Y60
1997 – 2017: Generation 5: GU Patrol Y61
2013 – Current: Generation 6: Patrol Y62

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