Photography by Mitchell Oke
The Nissan 370Z has been given a styling refresh for the 2018 season. Smoke is the name of the game on this old-style sportscar that refuses to die. And nor should it die, it’s extremely affordable and gives plenty of driving pleasure.

Smoked front and rear lights, a smoked finish on exterior door handles and new design of 19-inch alloy wheels. This is set off by an excellent new shade of red, with the richer Cherry Red replacing the superseded Bordeaux. Other colours are on the palette, check with your local Nissan dealer on the company’s website.

The Nissan 370Z is sold as a coupe or a soft-top roadster and with automatic transmission and manual gearboxes. The six-speed manual is our favourite, and in the upgrade model it now uses what Nissan terms a high-performance EXEDY clutch that Nissan tells us makes it more responsive and fun to drive. We will get our backsides into one asap and get back to you with our thoughts on this feature.

Photography by Mitchell Oke

The rest of the powertrain remains unchanged, the 3.7-litre V6 naturally-aspirated engine produces 245 kilowatts of power, and 263 Newton metres of torque at a rather high 5200 revs.

Nissan has sold over 4500 of its sporty 370Zs Downunder in the almost ten years since it first landed. Long may it continue.

Photography by Mitchell Oke

Coupe: $49,990 (manual), $52,490 (automatic)
Roadster: $60,990 (manual), $63,490 (automatic)
Note: These prices do not include government or dealer delivery charges. Contact your local Nissan dealer for drive-away prices.

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