When launched in 2017 Narva’s ‘Explora’ LED Driving Light Bar revolutionised the compact light bar market thanks to its ‘Advanced Optic Drive Technology’. This helped the light provide up to 30 per cent brighter light output (2400 Lumens and 1 Lux of light at 269 metres), compared to a conventional LED light bar. (This comparison is based on 12-inch single row conventional LED light bar.)

Building on its initial 14-inch single-row Explora bar, Narva is now selling two models for those requiring even more light, but who want to keep the slimline design.

The new 22-inch single-row bar has 18 x 5W high-powered LEDs, producing an impressive 3,589 Lumens and 1 lux of crisp white light at 345 metres.

The 22-inch double-row model has 36 x 5W LEDs producing 6,217 Lumens and 1 Lux of brightness at 460 metres.

Narva’s ‘Advanced Optic Drive Technology’ incorporates a special reflector profile that more efficiently captures the light and concentrates the focus to achieve greater light penetration.

Another important feature is Narva’s ‘Active Thermal Management System’ which allow the lights to operate harder for longer without overheating.

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