If it ain’t broke don’t fix it: this could well be the case with the HiAce, Toyota’s iconic van, which the company stuck with for 15 years without replacing. The light commercial was around until a 2019 rebirth, now it becomes the subject of a range of upgrades. The HiAce van, and related Commuter bus and Granvia wagon, have been boosted with added technology and comfort and convenience features while offering a streamlined choice for customers. Long the leader in the 2.5 to 3.5 tonne van segment with sales this… Read more


It’s ta-ta, Tarago; and a big hello to the Granvia. ‘Big’ being the operative word, for at more than five metres long, almost two metres tall, and tipping the scales at more than two-and-a-half tonnes, the new Toyota people-mover is no shrinking Violet. While the Tarago paid its dues in the people mover market for 36 years, the Granvia takes the vehicle far beyond the friendly family transporter into the high-end hospitality and corporate buyers who appreciate style, cabin comfort and premium features. The Granvia has six or eight seats,… Read more


Car companies continue the battle to save the planet by snuffing out polluting fossil fuel propulsion in favour of electricity. Toyota is powering on with its petrol / electric combination. Latest model to receive the hybrid treatment is the Kluger seven-seat sports utility vehicle. Toyota Australia Vice-President Sales, Marketing and Franchise Operations, Sean Hanley, says the addition of hybrid to the fourth-generation Kluger further demonstrates Toyota’s commitment to delivering on electrified options in its line-up. Offering improved driving dynamics, a larger and more refined cabin, a stylish new look and… Read more


In 1994, Toyota pioneered the small sports utility vehicle market with the RAV4, which nearly 30 years later with the now ‘grown-up’ version, is the best-selling SUV in the world. Now, with its new ‘baby’ Yaris Cross the Japanese automotive giant is aiming to continue its success in the compact class. Coming in nine variants, with petrol or petrol / electric hybrid powertrains, front-wheel or all-wheel drive, three grades – GX, GXL and Urban – are on offer. Toyota Australia Vice-President Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley says the Yaris Cross… Read more

TOYOTA COROLLA 2007 – 2020

Toyota Corolla is a very popular car worldwide and became the number one seller of all time in 1997. It was built in many countries, including Australia. However, all are now imported. It started as a small rear-wheel-drive, two-door sedan in 1966 and over the years has moved up to a small-medium car. Most Corollas are four-door sedans and five-door hatchbacks. A station wagon was sold for many years, but was discontinued with the new model of April 2007. The Toyota RAV4 shares some out of sight components with the… Read more


The Toyota HiLux pickup is one of Australia’s most popular choices, in fact the most popular for the last five years in a row. Of course, that figure is boosted by mining, farming and fleet purchases but more than ever, families too are taking the dual-cab route. It makes sense, to have a vehicle that can be used for work during the week and adventure on the weekends, that can carry tools and prams with equal aplomb and is at home at school drop-off as it is on rugged forest… Read more


The Toyota Crown always offered good value for money but never sold in large quantities, unlike smaller Toyota vehicles, compared with comparable Holdens and Fords of tits time. Perhaps its rather bland and conservative looks contributed to this situation for on driving aspects alone it was at least equal to and often better than the competition. The car certainly should have appealed to buyers looking for excellent finish, high comfort levels and solid basic engineering providing they were prepared to accept its tasteful and neat styling. The 1975 Crown was… Read more

TOYOTA KLUGER 2007 – 2019

Toyota Kluger isn’t a serious off-road vehicle designed to conquer the great Australian outback. Rather it’s aimed at those looking for a medium to large station wagon to carry the family. However, it does have a moderate off-road ability in some models. It’s probably best that you don’t test this ability unless you’ve got some mates in ‘proper’ 4WDs in your convoy and there’s a snatch-um strap in the boot. Initially Toyota Kluger was driven by all four wheels, but a 2WD (the front wheels) was added with the introduction… Read more


With the launch of the Prius almost a quarter century ago, Toyota confidently threw its hat in the ring of the petrol / electric powertrain. So, it’s no surprise the Japanese auto giant, with a similar flourish, is the first to offer a hybrid in the small sports utility vehicle market. At the same time in 1994, the company’s small-car expertise and rich SUV heritage was setting the standard with the RAV4, which was to become Australia’s and the world’s best-selling SUV. Now these have come together with the Toyota… Read more


Toyota RAV4 was launched way back in 1994 as the Recreational Active Vehicle 4WD and has been a global success in the sales race ever since. It was a cross between a passenger car and an SUV and appealed to many buyers. It has grown in size over the years and is now verging on being a mid-size rather than small vehicle. The fifth generation of the Toyota RAV4 that we are testing here is slightly shorter and lower than the gen-four. But has a wider body, sits on a… Read more