HONDA HR-V 2015 – 2020

Honda HR-V has been on sale in Australia since on and off since 1999. We will start our used car checkout in models from February 2015 when a totally new HR-V arrived. That 2015 model was replaced by a virtually all-new model in early 2021. This has resulted in quite a few of the superseded HR-Vs being traded in on the new one. So, dealer may have found themselves overstocked with the older models and therefore keen to clear them. Meaning prices may have been dropped to clear them. While… Read more

SKODA FABIA 2011 – 2020

Skoda is one of the relatively minor players in the huge Volkswagen Group. This week we concentrate on the smallest model, the Fabia. Many are not aware that it uses many out-of-sight components as the Audi A1 and Volkswagen Polo. Fabia landed in Australia in October 2011 with a five-door hatchback sold as a standard model as well as an interesting Monte Carlo version. Aimed at stealing sales from the fashion conscious MINI the Monte offered customising, including different trim colours and the option of a roof in a different… Read more


CAPTION: A. B. C 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulietta BODY COPY Say “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili Romeo Giulietta” with an Italian accent and you will understand why lovers of all things Italian like driving cars with a plenty of verve. (In case you haven’t worked it you for yourself Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili is what Alfa stands for!) The Giulietta five-door hatchback has been styled to look like a sports coupe thanks to cleverly ‘hidden’ rear door handles. The rear seat armrest has fold out cup holders gives a feeling of… Read more

MERCEDES C-CLASS 2007 – 2020

Though it has been built down to a price when compared with upper crust Mercedes models, the price trimming of the C-Class has been done intelligently and the interior has decent quality materials in stylish designs. Mercedes C-Class is sold as a three-door coupe, a four-door sedan and five-door station wagon. This is a rear-wheel-drive car with a north-south engine so the front seats are set relatively far back to make space for the engine. So those travelling in the back seats of sedans and wagons may find themselves a… Read more

KIA SORENTO 2009-2020

Kia Sorento is a medium-large SUV that’s been popular in Australia for many years. The second generation arrived in Australia in November 2009 and uses a monocoque rather than a body-on-chassis setup to provide extra comfort. Like many in this vehicle class the Sorento is a bought by those looking for a station wagon, not a 4WD. Kia Sorento’s suspension and steering have significant Australian engineering input. This firms it up in road grip without any obvious loss of comfort. It handles dirt tracks with ease and can be used… Read more

FIAT 500 2008 – 2020

The original Fiat 500 Bambino was introduced in 1957, the all-new model arrived as a celebration 50 years later. Though visually based on the 1957 model the new Fiat 500 is several sizes up on the old, that’s partly to provide crash protection in the way of crumple zones and anti-intrusion bars, but also to give it reasonable interior space. Australian imports of new Fiat 500 three-door hatchbacks began in February 2008. A two-door cabriolet with a huge fabric roof joined it two years later. Around town the Fiat 500… Read more

DODGE JOURNEY 2008 – 2017

Despite looking like a macho SUV, perhaps even a full-on 4WD, the Dodge Journey is actually a sensible people. The Journey’s interior is very versatile; the second-row seats three and can slide back and forward to let you juggle legroom with those in the rearmost seats. Entry and egress to the third-row seats isn’t too bad, but as is usually the case those seats are better suited to the kids as suppleness is required. Also check the foot-room in rear if larger littlies are going to be back there. The… Read more

AUDI A4 2008 – 2020

For too many years the Audi 4 was regarded by the public as a second division player in the prestige German market. That’s now pretty well changed and Audi is now seen as one of the big three alongside Mercedes and BMW. The Audi A4 is sold in a big variety of bodies; sedan, a two-door cabriolet and an Avant station wagon. A further variation is the A4 allroad quattro. Based on the Avant it has increased ground clearance, as well as added body and underbody protection, it’s certainly not… Read more

HONDA CR-V 2012 – 2120

When the Honda CR-V was introduced in 1997 it was a genuine 4WD. But these days most buyers are looking for a trendy SUV that’s used as a station wagon and is frequently driven by two wheels not four, and has a relatively low ground clearance. The CR-V’s body is car-like in its construction but is beefed up with a reasonably strong underframe. It’s no bush basher though. The CR-V Series 3 was launched in 2007 with lowered ride height and more sophisticated ride and handling. The Series 4 cars… Read more

PEUGEOT 3008 2010 – 2020

Peugeot is one of the world’s oldest car makers, dating back to the late 1890s. It’s a huge company in France and many other countries but hasn’t had the success in Australia it deserves. Peugeot was a slow starter in the SUV field, believing it look would be a passing fad. However, it eventually realised these practical vehicles made sense and the 3008 was launched in France in early 2010. Its styling is a crossover between the hard edged 4WDs and a classy looking wagon and it has launched Downunder… Read more