Hillman Imp

The rear-engined Hillman Imp, first launched in 1963, remained in production until the mid-1970s. Over that period more than 440,000 variants were produced but the number could have been greater had it not had to compete with BMC’s popular Mini and the Rootes group had not had financial problems. In More


The brothers Alan and Richard Jensen began their motor-building activities by re-bodying an Austin Seven in a form which proved particularly pleasing to the eye. The chief engineer of the Standard Motor Company was suitably impressed with its appearance and in due course had a Standard chassis delivered to the More


Germany has a history of machinery development, especially in the automotive industry and even in the late nineteenth century it was shown that there would always be a market for products of engineers as skilled as Karl Benz, Gottlieb and Paul Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach and August Horch. In 1885 Karl More