Through many trials and tribulation, Louis Renault became the leading French car manufacturer, triumphing over Andre Citroen during the 1920s. As early as 1900, Renaults had adopted a sloping coal scuttle bonnet which became a distinguishing mark of the company’s products. The engines ranged from a 1.1-litre two-cylinder through a More


1954 Jensen 541

The brothers Alan and Richard Jensen began their motor-building activities by re-bodying an Austin Seven in a form which proved particularly pleasing to the eye. The chief engineer of the Standard Motor Company was suitably impressed with its appearance and in due course had a Standard chassis delivered to the More


1995 Honda NSX-T

Best described as a mixture of high technology and proven sportscar design the Honda NSX (it signifies New Sports-Experimental) was powered by a transverse 3-litre 24-valve V6 engine derived from that of the Legend mounted behind the driver. It had many new engineering features including twin camshafts to each bank More