1910 Argyll

Argyll was a Scottish marque and its first cars were Renault based and built in Glasgow in 1899. Tasting some success in the early life of their business its management set about to become a major automotive manufacturer and proceeded to build a large new factory in Scotland near Loch More


1921 Amilcar CC.

While it didn’t make the 100 Cars of the 20th Century listing the Amilcar would appear on many lists of outstanding or classic cars. Typical of small sports cars which were very popular in England in the 1920s and 1930s the Amilcar earned a reputation for racing performance, an important More


Through many trials and tribulation, Louis Renault became the leading French car manufacturer, triumphing over Andre Citroen during the 1920s. As early as 1900, Renaults had adopted a sloping coal scuttle bonnet which became a distinguishing mark of the company’s products. The engines ranged from a 1.1-litre two-cylinder through a More