Australian 2019 Ford Endura is based on the American Ford Edge of 2017

Australian 2019 Ford Endura is based on the American Ford Edge of 2017.

Many consider the Ford Territory was the best Ford ever designed and built in Australia, bar none.

Sadly it disappeared when Ford Australia pulled up stumps.

Ford Territory’s replacement has finally been announced and it’s called Ford Endura – which Ford tells us is short for endurance.

Details are sketchy at this stage, as is the date it will arrive, other than that it will be sometime late in 2018.


The fact that Holden is about to introduce its new Equinox SUV probably tells us why an Endura press release arrived on our computers a few minutes ago.

Isn’t it great to see the old Holden versus Ford continues?

Ford Endura will be a localised version of the Ford Edge sold in other markets. It is described as being, “A highly-equipped five-seat, exclusively diesel-powered model that will be positioned as a premium, highly equipped urban SUV offering extensive driver assist features and striking, contemporary design and styling.”

Ford Edge, Scotland. July 2016 Photo James Lipman /

The Endura will join the Australian-engineered and designed Ford Everest, the mid-sized Escape and the compact EcoSport.

Ford Australia president and CEO, Graeme Whickman, says, “The appetite for SUVs in this country is impressive, so we’re excited to bring a premium new offering from our global portfolio to local audiences.”

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